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Birght Living Room Designs with Blue and Green Wallpaper Motifs  August 11, 2013 – 02:25 pm

The major color in your living room is the deciding factor of the ambient and the energy that is going to rule with the place. People often enjoy in different colors, not every color can suit everybody on the same way, since different colors react different at each person. Colors of the wallpaper are important for reflecting a particular energy that will be present in your living room. For instance, bright cold colors such as blue and green reflect pure energy and will fill your room with cheerful scent and eclectic, clear ambiance. In order to decide if the blue and green are the right suit for you we gathered couple of very creative wallpaper with this motifs.

1.Urban and Cheerful Blue Bicycle Wallpaper for Living Room

Deep blue matched with different colors of cute bicycles will provide you with super fun and creative living room. This living room is playful and bright so you can not resist to feel the nice and pleasant energy.

2.Romantic Blue Living Room Wallpaper Design

Great example of the perfect combination of color and form of the wallpaper. The blue floral wallpaper will provide your living room with eclectic and romantic note.

3.Modern Blue Art Wallpaper Living Room Design

Source: www.amazinginteriordesign.com

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First- don't make the living room smaller

If there's one thing that makes modern houses more livable, it's the larger areas compared to older houses that had small rooms based on issues like inferior heating and lighting systems, antiquated social codes (like having your kitchen seen being considered low class, so they walled them off), etc.
As for furnishings, don't limit yourself to "mid century" modern, but look to modern stuff in general, which really began showing up from the turn of the century onward...many of the designs that people see as being ultra modern and futuristic are really from the 00's through 30's

Decorating help

I have 2 awkward spots in my house I don't know what to do with. The first is in the kitchen, over the kitchen table. The other is in the living room, over the sofa (notice terrible placement of the thermostat).
Any suggestions? I thought about doing one of those Uppercase Living designs in the kitchen, but can't decide.

So many things but...

I REALLY want one of these dividing the living room and dining room. They company does custom designs so mine wouldn't be quite that grand, lol. I want a small house.
Other things I want are undermounted sinks in the kitchen with granite counters, a kitchen island with a breakfast bar, hardwood floors throughout the entire first floor (or tile in case of the bathroom) and a screened porch since this dreamhouse needs to be in my hometown in Maine and you need one to avoid mosquitoes :-)

Take a good look at your pics...

And tell me you can't do better.
you have, from the look of it, good solid nails - buff them out so that you have a flat, solid surface to work with, and practice your detail work, and I think you've got something...
maybe try some spring-based designs? the pink and black is awful heavy for Easter...and take the next back of pix against a neutral background instead of your living room.
Bravo for trying (if you scroll back far enough, every successful blogger started somewhere, and some of them were even worse.)

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