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My Kitchen Table: Decorations  June 16, 2012 – 00:00

Table DecorationsTable decorations should not impede the service or make it difficult for people to speak or to see one another. The fashion for complicated decorations went out long ago; now days one or two low baskets or bowl of flowers make an elegant and practical décor. Centerpieces, mirrors with Japanese gardens arranged on them, are suitable for formal occasions. Chemins de fleurs in little crystal jardinières, long and narrow, arranged end to end to make a border of roses, violets or nasturtiums, look charming, as do sprays of autumn flowers and leaves on the tablecloth.

Bowl or baskets of fruit can replace floral decorations. A table setting with brightly coloured linen and dishes makes an informal meal very cheerful; glazed earthenware jugs, plates and dishes lend themselves to many decorative ideas.

Place setting should be at least 30 cm apart. A thick flannel padding or heat-resistant mats should be placed under the tablecloth. The fork is placed at the left-hand side of the plate, the spoon and knife at the right; the cutting edge of the latter should be turned inwards towards the plate. Glasses for water, wine, Madeira and Champagne are arranged either in a group or in a line, in order of size. Carafes of water and vin ordinaire are grouped along the table alternately with the salt cellars and pepper pots. (New Larousse Gastronomique)

Beautiful atmosphere, a lovely place to have at home, to welcome friends and guests, have to be done with care. For a dinner party: table decorations depend on the taste of the individual or follow as suggested by the text above.

Practicality is the key: Use fresh cut flowers, as they are available in the garden. Mixed fresh herbs are beautiful too, also floating flowers, candle or even fruits.

Table Decorations

Source: cookingwithsusy.blogspot.com

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Thanks. I do appreciate all the input from every

I love the country, shabby look and the rest of my decor is very cottage/beach like... as we live in southern california near the beach, it has rubbed off on me.
The kitchen is the first thing to update other than the kid's room.
The rest of this small room/living/kitchen/dining is very basic, beige walls white molding
white couch... white rustic table with black rustic chairs a collage of blue, black and white frames.
An old rustic computer cabinet and little vintage side tables.
As much as I want a cottage look, I think I will keep the cabinets as basic as possible, because who ever rents or buys may not like my ideas as much

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