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Salvage Savvy: Weekly [P]inspiration: Clever Kitchen DIY ideas  July 2, 2013 – 00:00

Hello! Today I'm dreaming about clever kitchen diy ideas because our new kitchen is in desperate need of some inspiration. Here are a few of my favorites... Isn't this cute?! Using a garden trellis is a really adorable and creative way to go vertical with your kitchen organization.

Need to sneak more storage into your kitchen? This is a great vertical cabinet diy project from Classy Clutter,check out how to make one for yourself.


In need of a kitchen island? I love this idea so. very. much. Paint an old dresser,add an extended butcher block top and a couple corbels and it looks so high end and unique [and you still get storage]. Brilliant.

Here's another cute idea for adding storage to your kitchen. Find several matching wooden crates and create this custom shelving unit. Adorable!

Alright,so I've seen a hundred different ideas for integrating a chalkboard into a kitchen,but this is one that I haven't seen yet... they have painted it right onto the corner cabinet to add interest- so clever!

I love those polka dots. This idea is so cute and adds instant fun to any kitchen!

This is totally functional,but also totally brilliant! Dollar store pencil holders attached to the wall will enable anyone to see any spices at all times... considering the fact that at any given time I can only see about 5 of my 1, 456 spices in my cabinet,I'm lovin' this idea!

Hope this helps inspire you too,there's a lot I need to do :)

Source: www.salvagesavvy.com

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Trying to keep rent costs low, so looking for a deal, shared space, small offset garage, etc. Need to be near public transportation and preferably on or just off of University Ave or El Cajon Blvd.
Please contact Bikes del Pueblo if you can share any helpful ideas on finding a space, know of any spaces that would work great, would like to donate funds to help create and maintain a space, or more importantly, want to volunteer your time at a space

I usually search for DIY projects and kids

Ideas/projects. I have about 30 craft projects ranging from candle holders to baby pillows, and the kids ideas are new traditions (like have each of their teachers sign a Dr. Seuss book at the end of the school year and give it to them when they graduate HS) and fun activities (baking soda in the bottom of a glass dish + medicine dropper with vinegar and food coloring for a kitchen table science experiment.
Some of my friends just window shop which I find very boring, and others post recipes all day long.. but everyone is different.

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