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Kitchen ceramic wall tile - ADVANCE: BLANCO Y ALCOCHADO ROJO

February 23, 2012 · 6:00 am

A young girl was wandering around the restrooms, pushing every stall door open, with a look of wonder in her eyes. Other patrons were walking from room to room snapping pictures with their phones, looking a bit like kids in a candy store, unsure where to start. Whimsical is the best way to describe the experience of dining at Jose Andres’ Bazaar. From the Philippe Starck’s decor that has a slight Alice in Wonderland feel, with the mismatched furniture in all shapes and sizes and textures, to the actual dishes, the whole experience is wondrous and certainly different from any other more conventional restaurant.

The whole ground floor of the former Meridian (and even former Nikko) Hotel has been gutted to make room for Mr. Andres’ idea of a night out. It’s a quote by Paul Eluard that welcomes you through the door, where we were whisked to the lounge while waiting for the rest of our party. That would be the bar whose cocktail menu is extensive and interesting. Finally escorted to Rojo y Blanco, the main dining room, we were sat amid long communal tables, private corners for larger parties, all in plain view of a beautiful kitchen seemingly manned by 7 or 8 cooks.

Tapas have come a long way from their humble origins and what Mr. Andres offers is an extensive mix of traditional tapas and his interpretation of others, using some molecular gastronomy or Asian influences. The key is to let yourself go because, by ordering small portions, you will get to taste an array of flavours and ideas that are worth every bite, and, for some dishes, even double orders. As with everything a bit experimental, not every dish succeeds – although nothing is downright offensive, the eggplant with honey foam ends up being way too sweet and the oxtail sandwich with tiny slices of watermelon in a mini bao bun could use more seasoning. But when it excels, it’s a delight for the senses.

Source: claudiagiulia.wordpress.com

The Stupell Home Décor Collection Stupell Home Herbs and Words Green Kitchen Wall Plaque
Home (The Stupell Home Décor Collection)
  • New kitchen art from stupell
  • Made in the usa
  • Original stupell art work
  • Hand finished with hand painted edges
  • Sturdy mdf fiberboard

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Not sure if it'd fit in with your decor much,

But you could do some kind of lush/crisp--whatever fits your room, drapery over/around the doors next to it-but extend it out to cover up the pannel. In my old apartment I had that problem between my dinning and kitchen-I had an italian bistro/wine theme going.. used a couple of dramatic red and burgundy pannels together with that idea and it really gave it a bistro feel--cozy little hole in the wall type feel.

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