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UNICEF - Zimbabwe - 'Young People We Care' volunteers assist vulnerable households in Zimbabwe  October 19, 2013 – 10:20 pm


'Young People We Care' volunteers assist vulnerable households in Zimbabwe

By Bertha Shoko

NYANGA,Zimbabwe,27 July 2011 – Ambuya Sylvia Nyawera is an elderly woman from Dombo village in the rural Nyanga area of Zimbabwe,about 300 km east of Harare. She sits cross-legged in her small kitchen,palm on her cheek,looking miserable.

VIDEO: UNICEF correspondent Anja Baron reports on the activities of Young People We Care,a UNICEF-supported programme that benefits vulnerable households of the elderly and people affected by HIV and AIDS in Zimbabwe. Watch in RealPlayer

After spending the weekend with her son John,a schoolteacher in another part of Nyanga,Ms. Nyawera is alone again. She has no one to look after her or to keep her company in the absence of either her son or his wife.

When they aren’t with her,Ms. Nyawera has no caregiver. She grows her own food in the small field around her homestead and still does her own household chores.UNICEF Image

© UNICEF video
Ambuya Sylvia Nyawera with Young People We Care volunteers in the kitchen of her home in Dombo village,located in the rural Nyanga area of Zimbabwe.

‘Young People We Care’

“My other children died a few years ago after falling victim to this disease [AIDS] that is killing many young people these days. If they were here,they would take care of me, ” she explains. “John does his best,but he can’t be here all the time to take care of me because he has to work and also take care of his family.”

Ms. Nyawera is among the many older people in Zimbabwe who have been affected by HIV and AIDS,losing their children to the disease,and now have no caregivers. Some are themselves caregivers of orphans left behind by their grown children.

Although Ms. Nyawera feels a deep sense of longing for her late children,she has been blessed with more ‘children’ who visit her at least three times a week through the Young People We Care (YPWC) programme. She looks forward to the company she gets from the members of the YPWC club in Nyanga.UNICEF Image

Easing the burden

An initiative of UNICEF Zimbabwe,the YPWC programme began in 2005. It is part of the effort to help ease the burden of care in households where there is illness or where an elderly person has no caregiver.

© UNICEF video
Young People We Care volunteers sort potatoes they harvested for Ambuya Sylvia Nyawera. The higher-grade potatoes are used for consumption while the lower-grade ones are left for seed in the next planting season.

YPWC also gives young people information on HIV prevention,care and treatment,and trains them in skills that prepare them for adulthood.

This past farming season,YPWC members helped Ms. Nyawera plant and harvest about 20 bags of maize,her biggest crop in five years. They also assisted her with planting and harvesting potatoes,thereby significantly improved food security in her household.

Source: www.unicef.org

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