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Italian Bistro Kitchen Decor

Decorating Kitchen in Italian Style |  September 16, 2013 – 05:52 am

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An Italian kitchen looks beautiful. It is also a stylish option for all those who are looking for the best options to decorate their kitchen. Italian kitchens or Bistros comprise of casual dining space in a casual setting. The typical Italian bistro kitchen decor has a combination of wonderful earthy tones combined with super bright colors.

The existing décor of your kitchen can be changed within your budget. It may be hard to believe but it is true that just a minor investment from your side on certain type of fabrics, paint and accessories can turn your kitchen in to modern Italian Bistro style restaurant. You just need to put your artistic talents together and the end result will be exactly that you wanted.

Now you need to paint the walls in warm yellow, orange, reds, or browns. This will give you the much desired accents in curtains. Match the color with table linens and other decorative accessories. Try making picture of a border that has intertwined grape leaves on the walls. The furniture should be made of wrought iron.

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The Little Store Of Home Decor Cafe Kitchen Chefs Wall Art Sign Chef Decor Wine Food Italian Bistro Signs Wood
Home (The Little Store Of Home Decor)
  • made in the USA
  • size 7x7

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Not sure if it'd fit in with your decor much,

But you could do some kind of lush/crisp--whatever fits your room, drapery over/around the doors next to it-but extend it out to cover up the pannel. In my old apartment I had that problem between my dinning and kitchen-I had an italian bistro/wine theme going.. used a couple of dramatic red and burgundy pannels together with that idea and it really gave it a bistro feel--cozy little hole in the wall type feel.

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Chef Holding Menu Board Kitchen Night Light Bistro Italian Cooking Decor
Lighting ()
American Chateau Fat French Chef Wine Wall Clock / Kitchen Bistro Decor
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elegance Italian fat chef 3 plates w/small metal rack Hanger set bar kitchen bistro decor
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  • The 3 plates are made of ceramic with a very fine gloss coating
  • This set includes:1 metal rack and 3 plates
  • Please see dimensions: Dimension approx: rack H 13" x L 5" plates D 4 "
  • Nice gift for any occasion.

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