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Call For Unity Art: House Decorations  September 6, 2013 – 12:40 am

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Call For Art: House Decorations

As this will be our first call for art, we’re going to start off with something fairly easy to give people a chance to get their feet wet! We’re looking for house decorations and props!

While not super exciting, it is something we will need a LOT of variations on to keep our crafters happy! This is not one where we’re only going to accept the best chair. If your chair fits our art style, we’ll use it!

For this exercise, we’re going to offer a $10 bounty per item we use. We’ll go up from there once we get into bigger stuff. You can choose how to receive your reward on the submission page.

Here is Stephen’s concept image to help spark your imagination! If you have an idea of your own, then feel free to run with it but anything on the image is a pretty safe image.

Full size version be downloaded here:


Source: forsakenvirtues.com

Spectrum Spectrum Coffee House Cup Java Silhouette Wall Mounted Key Hook Art Metal Mug Home Décor
Home (Spectrum)
  • Perfect for hanging keys, jewelry, hats and other small items
  • Brings the warmth of your local coffee shop to your home
  • (Size: 5" H x 4 1/2 " W x 1/4" D)

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I'm in California. We have neighbors who are

They became U.S. citizens last month. They were so thrilled. They applied and went through all the channels. Two of their children were born in England and one was born here.
You should have seen their house decorations for the 4th of July! It was like Christmas. Last month, right after they took their oaths they were so excited that they threw themselves a party. They had all the table and house decorations in red, white and blue. Their 4th of July celebration decorations even outdid last month's show.
These are fine people. They travel to England every couple of years to visit their families there, but they say that Now they are Americans

You know I feel your pain

For christmas my mom asked me what I wanted besides clothes that she always gets me. I rattled off a game or two and she said "I think we're beyond buying video games anymore". Something to the effect of I should have more mature interests or something.
This coming from the lady who took her severence pay and bought an atari.
On the other hand, my MIL already just buys me "adult woman" stuff. Towels for the bathroom (bright pink no less), house decorations. You know, bitch, I might be a woman and I might have a house, but I want my present to be for ME not for my HOUSE

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Sakari Graphics In this house...we are real we make mistakes we say I'm sorry we give second chances we have fun we give hugs we forgive we do really loud we are patient we love. Vinyl wall art Inspirational quotes and saying home decor decal sticker
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  • Premium Vinyl that lasts 5-7 years in outdoor exposure and 10+ years indoors!
  • Custom designs and artwork that you wont find anywhere else!
  • Can be applied to any hard surface...walls, mirrors, doors, or any other surface you can think of!
  • No background, free standing letters, comes with transfer tape to aid in installation.
  • Installation Instructions included!
DIY: Coaster Calendar! | Home Decor #Roomspiration
kailash pate
First Ladies lead White House holiday decorating
J-Me Couple Human Key Holders (set of 2)
Home (J-Me)
  • Come with two (2) Key Holders (1 His and 1 Hers)
  • Chrome Finish
  • Measure 3" x 4.5"
EVANS BROS House Decoration
Wisedeal Room Bed Side LED Night Light Lamp Rotary Flashing Starry Star Master Moon Sky Cosmos Projector House decor decorations Light (Blue)
Lighting ()
  • Projects a night sky of moon and stars on your ceiling or walls.
  • Rotates at 360-degree degree, provides a fantastic moving starry sky.
  • Illuminates for a calming and romantic nightlight effect.
  • Arouse kids' interest of the universe in an easy way.
  • Easy operation.Ideal for romantic lovers and families with kids.
A DIY Project: Pillow Decorating
Christmas Decorating Tips
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  • Avatar tripleT97 What is the meaning behind rose pedals for the flower girl?
    Sep 17, 2009 by tripleT97 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am planning a fall wedding. it is a traditional formal wedding with a touch of country/western. i have thought about letting the flower girl throw leaves instead of pedals. would that be wrong? what is the meaning behind rose pedals. also if anyone has any ideas for decor with a horseshoe theme wedding please let me know.

    • Life is a bed of roses, roses are the flower of romance and love traditionally. A blooming rose and fruits represent a woman's fertility and it is an old symbol associated with bringing luck for having children to the new bride. Traditionally if you have symbols of blooming flowers and fruit on bedroom wall paper or in a bedroom prints on blankets and sheets etc., it means you want to get pregnant.