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Coffee Wall Decor For Kitchen  October 25, 2013 – 12:20 am
Wall Décor for Kitchen: Five Ways to Make Your Kitchen Wall Looks

Country Living the Perfect Kitchen

Everyone dreams of the perfect kitchen–Country Living shows how it’s done. For the perfect country kitchen, go to the experts at Country Living: with their smart advice and beautiful color photos, they can help make your dream room take shape. Whether you’re designing a brand-new kitchen, remodeling an old one, or just sprucing up selected areas, see how to achieve a happy balance of comfort, efficiency, and good looks. And, thanks to modern technology, even the most old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen can come complete with underfloor heating, space-age ventilation and refrigeration, and industrial-grade efficiency. All the information on planning is wonderfully organized, with details on the work sequence, ventilation, countertops, cabinets, walls, floor, ovens, cooktops, sinks, food storage, and more. Tempting pictures show different design styles, from Shaker to Retro to Rustic, and offer ideas, such as setting up a coffee corner or an informal dining space, for making the kitchen the heart and hub of the home. From displaying collections to adding flowers and plants: no detail goes uncovered. – Advertising in Country Living Magazine

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Decor help for atrium room

Our house has an open floor plan for the kitchen/dining room and what I call an atrium room. I am having trouble with how I can make this room multipurpose as a crafts studio and a play room for my children.
A little background:
The walls in the kitchen are a wine red. The walls in the living room are a creamy beige. The wall that leads to the atrium room touches the living room wall.
I have black contemporary furniture (sofa and loveseat) that I will be replacing and would like to use one or the other in the room. Can cover if I need to.
I would like to keep the windows semi-uncovered and obviously can't put anything in front of the sliding door

I've been gone for a while, but here are pics

Imageof what I've been up to.
Unfortunatley, I'm not good at remembering to take "before" pictures - but believe me it was ugly/boring/yucky as all hell in here before we started.
Our kitchen
The living room (really just looking at the freshly painted brick wall and the fireplace decor for non fire season)
The dining room (the chairs are usually covered in navy blue fitted slip covers)
That's all I've got for now, I'll take and post more if anyone is interested.

Going the extra yard  — SouthCoastToday.com
With a little polish and some time, I can get this thing looking like it belongs in anyone's "retro" kitchen, and make some profit myself — maybe even enough for that KitchenAid.

Wall Sayings Vinyl Lettering Kitchen Dinner Choices- Take it or Leave it 12.5x25
Home (Wall Sayings Vinyl Lettering)
  • Measurements 12.5"h x 25"w in Matte Black Vinyl
  • Use as home decor in kitchens and dinning rooms or any smooth surface
  • Apply to smooth surfaces like walls, glass, tiles, shower doors
  • Easy to apply with included instructions
  • Affordable way to decorate any room

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