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33 Rustic Scandinavian Kitchen Designs  July 15, 2013 – 00:00
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Rustic style is very relaxing and reminds of countryside that’s why more and more designers and house owners want to create it. Scandinavian style due to its simplicity and natural charm is also gaining popularity. The mix of these styles makes any space just stunning and naturally simple. Today we’ll talk about rustic Scandinavian kitchen designs. Black, grey and white, natural wood are characteristic of Scandinavian style while rustic style is full of woven baskets, country-styles fabric, and shabby chic details and accessories are common for both styles. Enjoy the designs below and create your own one!

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When remodeling our kitchen we had NO architects, contractors, handy-folks.
We spent WEEKS laying-out kitchen designs w/ Newspaper!!! After every design, we LIVED IN IT for days! That led to MANY re-designs and MANY compromises. Examples: Seating was tight, but Stove had NO counter space, so we extended tiled counter to let us lift hot stuff off stove onto tiled counter. Ex & I are both tall: so we raised everything a 2x4::: 3.5"
Agree! Doctors, Architects, Realtors, Contractors & We are just highly paid CONSULTANTS! Such servants RARELY ask @ OUR NEEDS! We do the opposite, which frustrates clients! The highly-educated are among the most IGNORANT cretins I've met!
IOW, clients often ask us to DO SOME THING

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