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How to Create a Kitchen Backsplash that Commands Attention  October 10, 2013 – 06:45 pm

kitchen backsplash tile It’s quite possible that a kitchen backsplash has the most potential for excitement in the entire kitchen. The possibilities are endless and varied,much more so than cabinetry or appliances (everyone has a refrigerator,after all). Don’t waste this valuable space in your kitchen on a boring backsplash. Why not guarantee that your kitchen will wow guests by installing a backsplash that is one-of-a-kind and perfectly ‘you’? Large or small,there is no better place to your personality and pull the entire theme of the kitchen together. Whether you are considering glass tile,mosaics,or other materials,look at these creative ideas.kitchen backsplash glass tile

Choose a backsplash that matches your design style

Image via: Chipper Hatter

A Kitchen Backsplash that has a Purposeful Pop

Just because your backsplash is full of opportunity doesn’t mean it has to be bright or expensive to pack a big design punch. If you prefer a calm,more monochromatic look in your kitchen,find a tile color that is two or three shades lighter or darker than your cabinet color for a backsplash that complements your cabinetry without washing it out. Consider using a few tiles with extra pattern or contrast as accents,or in an inset over the stove or sink. This will make even a neutral backsplash an attention-grabber. If you are working on a budget,using accent tiles is a fantastic way to incorporate your favorite,more expensive tiles without going over-budget on the entire project.

Use glass tile for its reflective qualities

Image via: Robert Dodge

Think Outside the Box

Don’t let the standard idea of square tiles limit your creative kitchen design! Tile is available in so many sizes and shapes they can fit every concept. Whether colorful or plain,you can install a backsplash that takes center stage by using shape and size to create interest.kitchen backsplash subway tileSubway tiles,penny tiles,rectangles,mosaic tiles,or even a mixture of sizes can add visual appeal even in a single solid color. To get the most out of your chosen shape,choose a light-colored tile with dark grout. The grout will highlight the shapes,and the deep tint is more forgiving to clean than light-colored grout. Great style shouldn’t be hard to enjoy.

What type of backsplash will make your kitchen come alive?

Image via: Eisner Design,LLC

Use Variety when Choosing Tile

As with shapes and sizes,tile is not just your grandmother’s porcelain anymore. Alternative materials are gaining more and more popularity,including green and recycled materials like glass,brick,and subway tiles that are easy on the environment. Mirrored and marble tiles are alternatives that bring a sophisticated drama in an instant. Slate is another stone option with lots of possibilities: dress it up for polished elegance,or use a rough,textured version for rustic style. Even more unusual are materials like smooth pebbles or stamped tin ceiling tiles. Their uniqueness will make them an instant showstopper and conversation piece. No matter what you choose,your backsplash can command the entire room and make your kitchen sparkle if it’s something you truly love.

For more glass tile ideas,click here.

Like this:

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For what? Kitchen backsplash or shower surround?

Never use greenboard for a shower surround unless you're installing a totally waterproof shower system over the top of it. Regular drywall literally falls apart when it gets wet. Does that sound like a good shower material? It's not. And it doesn't pass code in most places for just that reason.
Hardie is also fine for kitchen backsplashes, but it is not waterproof. And guess what, many tiles aren't either, nor is grout.
That's why you should use truly waterproof materials like DensShield or Kerdi or a complete fiberglass or corian surround over almost anything, and make sure to paint redguard over the screw holes.

Using Mosaic tiles for a backsplash

I have looked everywhere for the exactly color scheme I wanted for my kitchen backsplash. The only place I found it was thrugh a porclain mosaic tile company. It will be work intensive but it's what I want.
My question is that after the grout has been sealed, set, grouted and cured, is it possible to either pour or paint a high gloss resit over the entire product. I intend to actually do the tiling on backerboard then put it up when it's finished so I would have easy access to applying a resin product.

I made a terrible mistake on my kitchen backspla

When I finished tiling my new kitchen backsplash, I made a horrible mistake. Instead of using grout in the space where the granite counter meets the backsplash tile, I used some clear waterproof caulking in a tube. I need to get this gunk out because the bread crumbs, pop corn kernals and you name are sticking to the caulking. Two questions. How do I get this stuff out, is their anything that will soften it ? Also how clean must this area be before I use grout?

Glass a clear favorite in décor  — Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Or glass might refer to a kitchen backsplash made of clear, colored or mirrored mosaic-style tiles – or even sheets of clear or colored glass lit in neon colors.

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  • Avatar moe520_71104 Do you think those 3D ceramic fruit kitchen wall plaques would look nice on wood panel walls or?
    Mar 22, 2008 by moe520_71104 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    Is this type of decor "outdated" or old fashioned? I have a fruits & wine themed kitchen and think some of these would add a nice touch.

    • Those wall plaques have been popular for years, and in my opinion, a classic never goes out of style.

      Have you thought about hanging a stained glass window with grapes on it? Stained glass will really light up a room, and you can find a pretty peice for under a hundred dollars.