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Blue Kitchen Ideas

Beautiful Blue Kitchen Ideas | HomeDesignStars  August 27, 2013 – 08:11 pm

Blue is not a common color used for kitchens, but used with style can be very atractive and beutiful. It is more suitable for rooms or furniture because it is considered a calming color. However, some people find that their kitchen fits in a shade of blue. In this post, we have compiled together a list of blue kitchens from Some of Europe’s top kitchen makers. And one more thing …. the blue color used in the kitchen is very unique, can relieve boredom.

Enjoy the pictures!

Source: homedesignstars.com

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Need ideas to cover sliding door in kitchen

Kitchen was *just* finished on Thursday.
Blue Pearl granite
Cherry cabinets
Grey Italian Porcelin tile
Backsplash is same tile as floor with mosaic of Blue Pearl granite.
We used to have curtains in there, but the new cabinets would have hit the rod.
The left side of the sliding door is stationary. The right side slides and is fairly narrow(oh *why* didn't we get ONE door?? ugh!)
And I don't like vertical shades.
Any ideas?? Thanks!

How to restore a 1910 kitchen?

My husband and I are in the process of buying a home built in 1910.
The kitchen walls have a chair rail with the top being a cream color, and connects to the eat in kitchen. The bottom of the walls have two colors, blue and light pink (the pink will not last) The kitchen also has the original hardwood floors .
Much of the downstairs is in original condition, but some "very smart person" put in hidious dark wood (almost black) cupboards and a pink counter top in the kitchen. any ideas on making the kitchen space efficient (more cupboard space) but remain true to the architect

This is a lot like my kitchen.

For color and pattern:
use patterns on the diagonal; the lines will be longer than the actual dimensions of the room
pale, cool colors to make the walls recede; since you have so much light, you could use blue, but i would still go with a warm blue, if you know what I mean
I'd use very simple cabinets; Shaker or Mission.
Here are some ideas, if your budget can cover it.
Use upper cabinets of less depth than is typical [Stock cabinet dimensions usually vary in 3" increments]. Use cabinets that go all the way to the ceiling for extra storage.
Move the refrigerator down so that it is flush with the bottom of the "L" of the cabinets, so you can squeeze in a cabinet/counter to the left of the sink

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