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Whimsical Pig Decor: Kitchen Towels  September 25, 2013 – 09:10 am

Pig-Kitchen-Decor-Towels Accent pieces in a whimsical pink pig look are a great way to add to your kitchen theme decor. Simple things like kitchen towels are ideal. Just picture one or two of these choices hanging in your own pink pig kitchen.

Cute Kitchen Towel Favorites

Here a some of my favorite kitchen towels in whimsical pig designs. They are perfect decor items. When working with a theme for your decorating, you can add these kind of simple accents. They carry your theme beautifully. That’s what I like best. Easy decorating without lots of effort, mess or expense.

Farmhouse Pig Towel Coucke French Jacquard Cotton Kitchen Dish Towel 19×29 inch – Les animaux de la Ferme – Farm Animal Collection – Le Cochon/The Pig – FB/Pink Ulster Weavers Piggy Linen Tea Towel

More Accents in Whimsical Pink Pigs

There are plenty more accent pieces that work well in your kitchen. The towel holder pictured at the beginning of this article can be found at Country Farm Pig Kitchen Wall Mount Towel Holder. Hanging your pig towels from a little pig head makes a cute addition. Even try just a solid pink towel for accents. More fun pink pigs for the kitchen can be found at whimsical pig sink accents.

Working with Themes

Different types of themes, even for a pig theme, are available to you. You can go with all fun and whimsical, a cute way to create kitchen decor. Or go with a country pig look. Typically, the country look uses lots of checkered patterns along with some vintage items. But don’t be afraid to mix up the styles to create your own eclectic theme. Add in some modern pig wall decor, fun whimsical pink pig towels and some country pig accent pieces. It’s easy when you work with the accessories for your kitchen.

Other Choices for You

If pigs are your kitchen theme, whether whimsical, country, modern, even vintage, there are lots of accent pieces you can pick for your decor. To see lots more, just take a look at Pig Kitchen Accents. I even found a darling pink pig pot scrubber. Now how cute is that?

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Source: easykitchendecor.com

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No one uses cheese sets, they probably have 5 in the closet like everyone else.
You might have better luck going with a color theme, like
-jade and coral colored knives:
-with some jade/coral colored kitchen towels
-2 bottles of liquor (rose cream tequilla, maderi)
Get some wrapping paper that looks like jade, coral colored ribbon/bow.
Gives you a lot more options.

Here's two thoughts I have for you...

On it awhile...
You have marketing, design, cooking.
What if you pitched local upscale stores (kitchen stores, department stores, interior design stores), but I was thinking more like big dept. stores) to put on some theme-based demonstrations, using their goods (kitchen gadgets, pots/pans, food processors, etc.)in a matching designed arena, cooking theme-based foods. This way, you could market their goods (furniture, kitchen items, specialty packaged foods, design accessories). You could, for instance have them sponsor a "Country Comfort" night, featuring roast beef, potatoes, etc

Couple of things....

I do homemade Christmas cookies. I put nice tissue paper and doilies in tins. Then the cookies in XL paper muffin cups. After folding the flaps of the tissue paper, I put a couple of Bigelow individually wrapped tea bags. Sometimes some chocolate dipped spoons or rock sugar on a stick. This year I'm doing some dark/milk/white chocolate dipped pretzel rods with various decorations like sprinkles and zig zagging white chocolate on the dark, and dark on the white.
For goodie baskets I like to use a nice reusable box, basket or large tin and do a theme basket.
Italian: several of the following

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