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Wine themed kitchen | Small Kitchen Design and Photos  August 6, 2013 – 01:48 pm

modern white wine themed kitchen wine themed kitchen A wine themed kitchen will create your kitchen seem like it’s set within the Mediterranean. you’ll be able to recreate a Tuscan storage space look on any budget. begin the project by stripping down the kitchen to reveal walls similar to grape harvesters do once it is time to strip grapes from vines. Once your project is complete,invite everybody over for a wine tasting wherever you may gather lots of compliments for your charming kitchen remake.

White style wine themed kitchen Basics

modern white wine themed kitchen

-Tackle your kitchen walls initial. Browse peachy-bronze,terra-cotta and roast almond wall paint samples to examine that reminds you most of wine themed kitchen country. Use your kitchen’s size as a variety guide lighter shades expand the planning of alittle kitchen,whereas darker hues add intimacy to huge areas. Substitute glazes for paint if you long for the rough-textured look and feel of plaster. Knock everyone’s socks off by adding a painting wallpaper mural portraying a scene from wine themed kitchen country on an extended wall for (see Resources).

-Invest in quality woodworking if you propose to be in your wine-themed kitchen for years to return. Rough-hewn cupboards with a primitive feel are ideal for this sort of kitchen. look at cherry or white distressed woods and you may get on the correct track.wine themed kitchen rich colours wine themed kitchennotice cupboard knobs formed into grape clusters or prefer arbitrary fork,knife and spoon cupboard and drawer pulls.

white wine themed kitchen

-maximize to new flooring. If you’ve got visited wine cellars in Italy or California,you recognize that the texture of being enclosed by stone below the earth is clear. Steal that feeling by mistreatment terra-cotta,slate or ceramic tiles to attain the planning of a cellar floor. Not only do several of those earthy tile colours look previous world,however they are doing a good job of concealment dirt till you’ve got time to mop.

-Review myriad counter high,sink and tap designs awaiting you at your favorite home improvement store.white wine themed kitchen wine themed kitchenchoose granite if you’ve got earmarked enough money for real stone counter superior. call in an outsized,rectangular troth sink that appears as if it were simply force out of a farm room to bolster your wine country theme. Match regulator metal to your appliances and cupboard knobs.

wine themed kitchen rich colours

-light your wine-themed kitchen with a primitive,wrought-iron pendant. Or do what the Italians do: droop strings of clean,low-wattage bulbs across the ceiling thus you’re feeling as though you’ve arrived at a pretty wine themed kitchen country area whenever you enter your kitchen.

Light style wine themed kitchen ideas

white wine themed kitchen

-buy accessories (see Resources) to complete your wine-country kitchen theme. Wine jugs,raffia-trimmed red wine bottles,farmer’s baskets crammed with silk grapes,ornamental jars and primitive pottery add finishing touches to your area. show these treasures on the superior of room cupboards,on a wrought-iron baker’s rack or mount wall shelves and artfully cluster these accessories amid silk olive clusters and grape leaves create a nice wine themed kitchen.

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white wine themed kitchen wine themed kitchen

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I did one once that had a chocolate theme

I got all kinds of fancy chocolates, and unfancy chocolate flavored things like Twizzlers and Necco wafers, I got fancy hot chocolate mix, a chocolate cookbook, chocolate scented body products, and so on. It was one of the big winners of the night.
I've also seen them with Italian dinner themes (fancy pasta, sauce, cheese, bottle of wine, two glasses, dish towel, etc.), baskets of cheer with all liquor, kitchen gadgets, baby products, etc.

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  • Avatar Cantrelle What color walls for my kitchen?
    Jul 22, 2007 by Cantrelle | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I have a relatively small kitchen with a wine/grapes/ Tuscan theme that has some tans and subtle purples. My floor and countertops are a reddish brown Mexican tile. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    • Yellow.
      yellow will set off the other colours you have in the room already.
      Try and just keep it one colour, that way it wont look like a mish mosh of things thrown around.

  • Avatar amygirl7362000 What color of floor tile would compliment a dark green cabinet and yellow wall kitchen?
    Jan 09, 2010 by amygirl7362000 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The kitchen also has sunflowers a tuscan type theme.
    The center of the sunflower is green.

    • A good idea would be to choose a flooring color that complements the overall theme of the kitchen. As you have indicated, the design is somewhat Tuscan, when imagining what you have given another style pops into my mind a …als as they complement any color scheme- consider black or white.

      The options are many. To narrow down the choices, think about what ambiance you want to achieve out of the kitchen and start from there. : )

  • Avatar Diamond Lady Any unique ideas for a kitchen? I have dark brown cabinets and beige floor.?
    Jul 20, 2008 by Diamond Lady | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    Would like to add some color. I have considered a Tuscan theme, but the colors are usually in gold, green, and cinnamon. I have seen some pics of Italian Restaurants with bold colors such as, bright blues, magenta, purples, and greens. These colors seem to appeal to me more. What are some other ideas to go with this theme too? Thank you.

    • Well with dark brown cabinets, you will need a lighter color for certain or else you will feel the kitchen is too dark. Not sure if the colors you suggested will compliment your color scheme already in place. Best to check with someone at the paint store. They can help steer you to some colors that would compliment your kitchen. Good luck

      A very light yellow or light tan or just an off-white color