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Kitchen Rugs with Rooster Theme  November 3, 2013 – 04:46 am
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Tips in purchasing kitchen rugs include determining the size of the rug, selecting the color, selecting the rugs, thinking about the price, and organizing the rugs.

Kitchen rugs aren't only good adornments, but they are also great at keeping our feet comfortable, especially during the cold winter season. However, since there are a number of them available, picking one can be very difficult. Read this article to obtain some tips on how to choose the best kitchen rugs.

Ascertain the size of the rug

Ascertain how big you want your kitchen area rug to be. Be sure that it will not obstruct the doors from opening. While you can select to cover a whole floor or one key portion of a floor with a rug, you may also decide to utilize a few smaller parts in certain areas. Usually, floors enhance the appearance of a room, especially if these floors are attractive. Thus, if you've attractive floors, it is wise to go for smaller-sized rugs. For instance, you can purchase a few 3 feet by 5 feet or 4 feet by 6 feet rugs from rug stores for your kitchen floor, instead of one huge rug. Nonetheless, if your reason to have a kitchen rug is to cover an ugly floor, then, you must have a rug having a size big enough to cover an ugly section of the floor or the whole floor.

Determine the color

Choose a color that will enhance the overall design of your kitchen area. Try matching various colors, so you can see which color will match your kitchen best. To do this, make color swatches out of different materials, like an extra curtain fabric, the hem of the cloth beneath the couch, or some paints on paper.

Choose the rugs

Go to a rug store or furniture shop, and bring your chosen color swatch with you. Utilize your color swatch to base the color of the rug which you will purchase, and determine which rugs will suit your kitchen and its ground. Although you can pick any color that will enhance your kitchen, rugs in dark colors can hide stains and also dirt. And since the kitchen typically have staining materials which might drop on the ground, such as sauces, condiments, and even art materials; you might prefer to use dark-colored rugs. Besides the color, take into consideration the material of the rug, as well. Kitchen rugs have challenging jobs to do; therefore, they need to be made of tough components, such as polypropylene, so that they can last for many years. In addition, you may also want them to get rubber backings, so that your rugs won't slip easily.

Consider the price

Rugs can be very expensive, and also are very affordable. It is not recommended, however, to purchase pricey rugs for kitchen use because of its impracticality. Purchase a cheap rug that won't get you heartbroken when food items spills on it.

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If the bride and the groom have been living together, they probably already have quite a few household items

Other options

Marinated artichoke hearts, sun dried tomatoes, olives, bread dipping seasoning mix. An Italian cook book, made by you or bought cheap. other kitchen items like a cheese grater, garlic press, or fancy bottle for the oil. A red plaid table cloth and some tall taper candle holders with candles. An Italian opera CD. An Italian themed book, like a travel guide or coffee table book, a copy of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, or a biography of anyone Italian. or a movie like the Italian Job or Roman Holiday, or Lady and the Tramp. Depending on what you can find for how much, this is a great idea with lots of fun options

Here's two thoughts I have for you...

On it awhile...
You have marketing, design, cooking.
What if you pitched local upscale stores (kitchen stores, department stores, interior design stores), but I was thinking more like big dept. stores) to put on some theme-based demonstrations, using their goods (kitchen gadgets, pots/pans, food processors, etc.)in a matching designed arena, cooking theme-based foods. This way, you could market their goods (furniture, kitchen items, specialty packaged foods, design accessories). You could, for instance have them sponsor a "Country Comfort" night, featuring roast beef, potatoes, etc

Not only did I see, I went crazy

And bought alot of it. I'm moving soon and thought it would be fun for themed kitchen. But, now away from the excitment of the dollar shopping, I'm thinking I'm going to return it.
Hookahchick,if you're interested I could email you pics of what I bought before I return it.
Those dollar items can go fast...they may not have any left.

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