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Framed Fabric In The Kitchen  May 2, 2013 – 00:00

Framed Fabric In The Kitchen

A while back I did a post on framed

fabric. It was so popular that I decided to

update the post,and add in another framed fabric project.

Here is the top of my ice box.

It can be viewed from the living room,

so I want it to look good,ff that is even possible.

I spray painted a wood frame in a lovely

Sweet Pea pink by Rustoleum.

I then cut a piece of 1950's

kitchen themed fabric to fit.

This fabric was originally an old kitchen curtain.

It is now having a second life,as instant kitchen art.

Aren't the colors great?

I love the aqua and pink combo.

I re-arrange the items on the top of

my ice box regularly-

here is my latest "Ice Box Vignette".

I just love how all of my collectibles,

coordinate perfectly with the farmed piece.

My newest framed piece,below,I put above my stove.

For this one,

I spray painted a similar wood frame in Jade,

by Krylon. I then took some light pink gingham fabric

and cut it to fit for the inside.

In my opinion,you can never go wrong with gingham.

I'm so thrilled with how it looks.

Fresh and perfect for my kitchen.

Our house is very old,early 1920's.

The walls are plaster which makes it incredibly hard

to hang things. I have gotten pretty good at it though.

I of course had to re-arranged my collectibles

on these shelves too.

I love framing fabric.

It allows you to take a special piece of

textile you might have been saving,and show it off.

Go HERE for another of my framed fabric ideas.


Source: avocadosandgeraniums.blogspot.com

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