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The Inhabited Kitchen: Theme: Salad dressing  June 25, 2013 – 00:00

We're doing the CSA again, this year. I love walking to the pickup point, and selecting my choices. We have a small share - and our CSA often handles that by listing, say, four kinds of greens and telling us to choose two. Or we have a choice between an acorn squash - in that season - and a buttercup squash, while the full share people get one of each.

Even with the small share, we have had lots of salad greens - and I'm eating salads for lunch every day, as well as side salads with some dinners. I wrote about this before in this post about salads. I love mixing two kinds of lettuce, and arugula, and spinach, with chopped fresh radishes and peas to make a Spring salad.

And I'm not about to pour a bottled commercial salad dressing over this glorious green freshness.

Now - dressing a salad with the classic French oil and vinegar is an art. You take your wooden salad bowl, and rub it with a cut clove of garlic. Then you carefully tear your freshly washed greens into it, adding some fresh herbs, perhaps a scallion, and toss the greens with your salad tongs or serving spoon and fork set. Carefully pour a dribble of fruity green olive oil over the greens and toss. Then, add a pinch of salt - toss again. Then just a little good wine vinegar - about a third as much vinegar as oil, is the most traditional ratio, but you can vary it to your own taste - and toss that. Now you have your perfectly dressed salad - and, I hope, the applause of your guests.

Am I doing this on a weekday evening when I'm trying to get dinner on the table quickly? Well, no. Am I doing this to prepare a lunch salad I'm assembling in a plastic covered bowl, to go eat in a park, between clients? Be real! So I compromise. I make my own dressing - and yes, I put it in a bottle - but I control the ingredients.

A basic dressing is still as I described. Two thirds oil, one third vinegar. That can be varied infinitely, though. Olive oil, always, in my house... Usually (but not invariably) a good sharp wine vinegar. In a pinch, I may just use that, or sprinkle in a pinch of some dried herbs - mix that first with the vinegar, it won't blend well with the oil. I put it in an old shaker bottle from (I confess) a commercial dressing - I find the shaker bottle helps prevent it from separating in that moment between shaking and pouring.

Source: inhabitedkitchen.blogspot.com

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Whats with the drugs in the corner of the pic???? This project must have givin you a headache! I can relate :) I have apples in my kitchen, although I'm trying to change it to a bar/pool hall theme (husband doesn't like the idea) anyways if the country apples/fruit theme wins out maybe I'll make some (out of coffee cans and this wall border junk I'm not going to use) for above my cabinets.

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  • Avatar Frank Best Tuscany paint color and self adhesive tiles to match for Tuscany Kitchen theme?
    Jun 09, 2013 by Frank | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am in the process of getting my kitchen renovated for my fiancee. I've decided on a tuscany themed kitchen but don't know exactly what type of paint I should get.Also, do to the flooring, I have to purchase self adhesive tiles to match the paint. Anyone have an idea of what the best of each would be for this theme?

    • STUCCO the walls..use joint compound and you tube shows you how to do it!..easy..not sure what u floor is..tile,wood,etc..paint it...also you tube...Martha stewart has a textured paint but like the joint compound....a herb garden,..shutters on the window if you have one..get me in there..sounds like fun!