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Fruit Kitchen Theme

Kitchen Decorating Themes | House Falls Design  August 1, 2013 – 03:06 am

Kitchen Decorating Themes Are you looking for a change in your kitchen and want to give it an inviting feel? The use of different kitchen decorating ideas, color combination, and themes would add character to your kitchen. Changes in a right direction would help you to make your kitchen a focal point of your house. The introduction of unique kitchen themes are the best to freshen up the atmosphere of your kitchen. Here, we have some kitchen decorating themes and ideas that are within your budget and would help you to design your dream kitchen. By decorating kitchen with the design and theme of your choice, would definitely double your interest in cooking. The style of the kitchen should match with your personality and lifestyle and of course kitchen decorating ideas on a budget would give you freedom to include as many things as possible of your choice.

Modern Kitchen Decorating Themes

Contemporary Kitchen Theme
Contemporary kitchens integrate both form and function. Start with incorporating a geometrical pattern like curves or straight lines, for the furniture and cabinet corners, that would be same throughout the space. Other things that can be included are frameless cabinets, frosted or translucent glass panels, adjustable task lighting and the use of trendy cookware and utensils would give an urban feel to your kitchen. The application of modern decorations ideas, kitchen cabinets of dark colors like chocolaty brown, usage of stainless appliances, bright wall paint, latest lighting designs would be perfect to match your modern and trendy lifestyle. You can give wood effects to have seriously chic sophistication. Keep the fabric, furniture and other accessories simple and sleek.

Restaurant Kitchen Theme
A modern kitchen with a restaurant style would make your kitchen look elegant and contemporary. If you want your kitchen in this style, think out of the box. Shiny surface, gleaming black counters, use of curves at the cabinet’s end instead of corners and round tables same as your favorite restaurant are some of the essential of this theme. Look for modern seats rather than using typical country stools. The use of vibrant color combination like orange and yellow would circulate positive energy in your home kitchen and create a “feel-good” atmosphere. Decorating themes like checkered walls and addition of polka dot patterns and other kitchen designs would surely blend with your modern lifestyle.

Fun Kitchen Decorating Themes

Fruit Kitchen Theme
Fruit kitchen theme is a collection of delectable patterns. For kitchen decorating on budget with fruit theme you can include things like grape cookie jar, apple cup and saucer, watermelon dinnerware set, watermelon wall clock, mixed fruit wall plaque, strawberry stained glass panel and paint the walls with the color of your choice like orange, yellow, pink or green. You can use the wallpapers of mixed fruit theme on the backsplash and wedge-shaped table mats with mixed fruits sticker for the dinning table. Decorating your kitchen with the theme of single fruit or mixed fruits depend entirely on personal preferences.

French Country Kitchen Theme
There will be lots of fun involved in decorating the kitchen with French Country theme. Choose bright kitchen colors like red and yellow for the walls of the kitchen other than usual colors like burgundy and mustard yellow. Install wrought iron ceiling racks for pans and pots. For the floor tiles and kitchen countertops, ceramic tiles would be the best. The addition of farmhouse style dinning table would add personality to the home kitchen decorating themes.

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KMC/KK-Grape Wine Grapes Decorative Novelty Fruit Fruity Themed Wall Clock Kitchen Home Decor Vineyard Theme Purple Shape Shaped New
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  • requires one "AA" battery, NOT included
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Cute idea Mals

Whats with the drugs in the corner of the pic???? This project must have givin you a headache! I can relate :) I have apples in my kitchen, although I'm trying to change it to a bar/pool hall theme (husband doesn't like the idea) anyways if the country apples/fruit theme wins out maybe I'll make some (out of coffee cans and this wall border junk I'm not going to use) for above my cabinets.

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    Being in my friends wedding, the other bridesmaids decided to give the bride a Care Bear themed bridal shower. It is absolutely horrible and I have no idea why that is even an option. I am going to persuade them to have …ief and it just works out great.
    Also since her mother works for pampered chief she will be doing demonstrations and what not. Please do not comment about the pampered chief idea, it is the brides decision for that.

    • Are guests supposed to buy something from the salesperson and give it to the bride? This sounds like it would benefit the salesperson more than anyone else. What if the bride doesn't like Pampered Chef? In my opinion, it's horribly over-priced. I agree that Care Bears is an awful theme for a shower, but Benefit-your-local-Pampered Chef Salesperson is arguably worse.

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    Main Dish: Pancetta wrapped chicken breast.

    Dessert: Strawberry/banana/nutella crepes !
    Thank you! Please be honest!
    I will add links with a different account.

    • First off, everything sounds great. The person above me who said that a soup is unusual for an appetizer is completely wrong. A soup can serve as an appetizer. Along side with bread.*optional. But to have three appetizers … to satisfy there cravings until the main course. When you're ready to serve your chicken breast with pancetta, serve it along side with the tomato salad, chicken and tomato work great together. Then serve your dessert. f