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Achieving a French kitchen design | Marble Worktops | Kitchens | Granite | Quartz  September 14, 2013 – 05:06 am

Achieving a ‘French’ kitchen design

When it comes to food, few do it as well as the French. Yes, we were all fairly grossed out by the idea of frogs legs and snails when we were younger, but with maturing years comes a growing appreciation and realisation that the wines, cheeses and other slices of Mediterranean mastery elevate France to the top table when it comes to the best food in the world.

Of course, not all of us have the time, let alone the talent, to become a master of Parisian cuisine. That’s not to say, however, that the injection of a healthy dose of French style and elegance into your kitchen could be exactly what the doctor ordered, giving your home, and yourself, a new and exciting lease of life.

The inspiration and beating heart behind any French-themed kitchen is, quite simply, a love of cooking. To this end, bench space is an essential necessity. Diresco worktops, for example, provide all the endurance and adaptability you could wish for with its quatrz properties and easy clean finish. The colours are simple and will fit any scheme.

Similarly, Compac worktops are so resistant to moisture and stains and stand up so well to chips, cracks and extreme temperatures that even Marco Pierre White would struggle to inflict any damage. The stunning range of colours available leaves you free to choose from the neutral and simple to the vibrant and eye-catching.

If it’s durability you’re after, look no further than Caesarstone worktops. Sitting alongside diamond, topaz and sapphire as the hardest material around, the minimal absorption rate also eliminates any fears of staining.

You will love cooking in your French kitchen so why not reflect this by keeping many of your key utensils out for all to see? Eye-catching displays also mean that the essentials are always within easy reach.

Colour wise, light blues, whites and the softer shades of the palette are the way forward, as is gentle lighting, ideally from chandeliers or other hanging styles.

So that’s the French kitchen style mastered; now it’s just the cooking to go!

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Kitchen-Cooking themed bridal shower

Has anyone here done this? Or been to a bridal shower with this theme?
Was thinking about it the other night and really like the idea. Was thinking of getting a white apron that says Bride on it, and having all the guests "autograph" it, finding some kitchen themed games like guess the recipe, guess the spices, etc.. And having each guest bring their favorite family recipe (or 2!).
I've found a bunch of really cute decorating ideas like mini utinsels, mini rolling pins, utinsel recipe card holders that can probably double as something else, even a smaller version of a warmer (to make dips and such).
Thoughts? Ideas?

Themed showers to avoid gift grubbing

In my family we often asked guests to limit the value of the shower gifts and often chose a theme,
ie: favorite recipes with either a needed spice or kitchen tool to help make it. household tool showers are good. Kichen gadgets in general. even favorite cleaning product or tools, all in a new bucket. Be creative. cookbooks, favorite beach reading etc.

Ryland Homes Announces the Grand Opening of Its Newest South Forsyth ..  — Fort Mills Times
These premier floor plans feature stylish kitchens with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, as well as hardwood floors in the foyer and kitchen.

Meri Meri Meri Meri Parisian 6-1/2-Inch Large Napkins, 20-Pack
Kitchen (Meri Meri)
  • Pack of 20 napkins
  • Coordinates with meri meri parisian party range
  • Perfect for a french themed soiree
  • Designed in England
  • 3-ply construction and measures 6-1/2-inch when folded
Baby Cie Child's Plate - 4-Section Princess Design -French Themed- By Baby Cie
Kitchen (Baby Cie)
  • French themed child's plate
  • 4 sections
  • Images of jewelry box, throne, castle, arriage, princess and frog; plus, French words
  • 8 1/2" x 9 1/2"
  • Dishwasher safe, unbreakable
Knobs & More Home Decor Retro Vintage Wastebasket E13 Trash Can, Trash Bin, Trash Basket ~ Shabby Chic Ivory Enamel with Vintage French Perfume Label.
Home (Knobs & More Home Decor)
  • Decorative Shabby Chic
  • Powder Coated Metal
  • French Vintage Style
  • Designed & Hand Embellished in the U.S.A
  • French Country Decor
American Chateau NEW Bistro French DECOR Wine GLASS Winery Cafe THEMED METAL Wall Sign Plaque
Home (American Chateau)
  • Wall Plaque
  • French Wine Label Design
  • Iron Backing
  • Bistro Design

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  • Avatar Rose Paris Themed Bridal Shower help?
    Jan 03, 2013 by Rose | Posted in Weddings

    Being in my friends wedding, the other bridesmaids decided to give the bride a Care Bear themed bridal shower. It is absolutely horrible and I have no idea why that is even an option. I am going to persuade them to have …ief and it just works out great.
    Also since her mother works for pampered chief she will be doing demonstrations and what not. Please do not comment about the pampered chief idea, it is the brides decision for that.

    • Are guests supposed to buy something from the salesperson and give it to the bride? This sounds like it would benefit the salesperson more than anyone else. What if the bride doesn't like Pampered Chef? In my opinion, it's horribly over-priced. I agree that Care Bears is an awful theme for a shower, but Benefit-your-local-Pampered Chef Salesperson is arguably worse.

  • Avatar Save a cowboy; ride a horse <3 Does this sound like a good meal?
    Aug 23, 2011 by Save a cowboy; ride a horse <3 | Posted in Cooking & Recipes

    I am going to serve a 5 course meal to my parents to show my appreciation for them taking me & my friend to the beach(: I will be paying, and i have plenty of money. I will be making it this friday, so tell me what you th …Fig & Olive Tapenade.

    Main Dish: Pancetta wrapped chicken breast.

    Dessert: Strawberry/banana/nutella crepes !
    Thank you! Please be honest!
    I will add links with a different account.

    • First off, everything sounds great. The person above me who said that a soup is unusual for an appetizer is completely wrong. A soup can serve as an appetizer. Along side with bread.*optional. But to have three appetizers … to satisfy there cravings until the main course. When you're ready to serve your chicken breast with pancetta, serve it along side with the tomato salad, chicken and tomato work great together. Then serve your dessert. f

  • Avatar rapturesecret2006 Im having a paris theme wedding?
    Oct 20, 2008 by rapturesecret2006 | Posted in Weddings

    Im getting married in like 5 months and im wanting a paris theme wedding and i don't know what foods or table settings

    • French brides often carry orange blossoms in their bouquets. They originally connoted virginity, but now connote "first marriage". It's important in French weddings to have very fragrant flowers if at all possib …ve been up since 6 AM getting ready and who probably skipped a meal or two earlier) are probably hungry again. Remember, too, that French meal portions are smaller than American meal portions.

      Bonne chance!