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Coffee Themed Kitchen  November 27, 2013 – 12:02 pm

Coffee Themed Kitchen This is my friend Connie’s coffee themed kitchen. It has an unusual coffee cup kitchen table and four chairs, and some caffe decor on the walls, and a coffee themed clock.Coffee Themed Kitchen

I really like coffee. I like to measure it out whether already ground or whole bean. The aroma of coffee is comforting.Coffee-themed Kitchen Table and Chairs Pouring it into a favorite cup and adding cream in just the right amount makes me happy. It’s my daily ritual that means everything is good and right with the world; at least for that moment.Coffee-themed Kitchen Chair

Coffee is my reliable friend I depend on to zap me awake no matter the circumstance.

The large COFFEE cup framed photo sets the stage for Connie’s cozy cafe kitchen. Maybe a coffee themed kitchen or decor is not just a trend in decorating. It might be a tribute to a beverage that is loved and dare I say needed by many of us. A few coffee decorations sprinkled about the kitchen is reassuring like a hug.

For Mother’s Day, Connie’s three kids gave her this glass cafe themed kitchen table and chairs.

All four chair backs have a carved cup of java.

She also has an espresso clock and some cafe wall art.

A soothing cup of java nightlight comes in handy for early risers like my friend who often is off to work at 4 o’clock in the morning.

Connie has two kids out of the house and her last one is either at work or at school, so suddenly she has a lot of time on her hands. She has returned to her love of art and had this piece displayed at a church art fair and was thrilled when the offers to buy it started pouring in.

~Thanks Connie for sharing your cute kitchen~

kitchen coffee wall art Cafe wall art Cup of Coffee Nightlight Connie's art

Source: www.housekaboodle.com

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