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Cheap Splashbacks For Kitchens Ideas  August 1, 2012 – 00:00
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In a house, the kitchen is usually another version of the living room. The room is typically used for family get-togethers where homework is done, discussions are made and more. A common home designing tip is to maintain the appeal and vibrancy of the walls and floors. Cooking, drinking and eating results in endless spills and splatters. Dirt and moisture accumulation increases the dullness of the room so that it becomes intolerable to use. Cheap splashbacks for kitchens are available to defend the walls from various spills. Also, the right product makes the walls appear shiny, colourful and elegant. When selecting the perfect item, it is important to combine good looks with good functionality.


The first step is to select the right colour. If one is chosen that does not work with the wall, it will always look out of place and ruin the beauty of the whole house. They must blend into the kitchen walls. An important tip is to contrast dark and light colours to improve the look and feel of a room. A homeowner should browse whole design charts and brochures to learn about different shades and patterns.


Choosing the best material to use is just as important as choosing the style and colour. Splashbacks are found in a variety of materials. The best material is strong, long-lasting and simple to clean. Well-known materials include glass, Zenolite and stainless steel. Cheap glass splashbacks for kitchens may not seem durable, but these items are very durable. The items are constructed of strong, toughened glass. This type of glass is used to make food dishes and oven doors. It resists chips, bangs and other forms of destruction.

Steel is a versatile, recyclable product that everyone has used. Cheap stainless steel splashbacks create clean looks that are easy to clean. These products hardly ever retain moisture, so there is a very low chance that water will penetrate the material and increase mould and mildew growth.

There are plenty of information guides to help people choose the best product. The right splash back should contain the right colour that blends in with the existing ones and landscape. If there is any concern about the fitting, it may not be wise to buy a made to measure splashback. People who want cheap kitchen splashbacks may want to use certain materials. If installing a product is hard, it is important to seek advice from a professional.

Source: www.interiorhomethoughts.co.uk

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I have been a very successful realtor in Boston for 6 years, but have found myself getting tired of talking about kitchens and bathrooms. I am in the top 5% of Boston Realtors, but the money is just not enough. Any ideas on careers that would use a realtors business skills but has nothing to do with real estate. I have a bachelors degree from a top 30 university, I do enjoy the independence of RE and a good challenge, but am looking for something a little more challenging, interesting, and fulfilling. I can do my job in my sleep at this point, and that to me is just not rewarding. Any ideas would be seriously appreciated

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Ok, I'll admit, this is a weird post! However, hubby and I are moving from a house into an apartment with a small kitchen. I have 1/100 of what most big kitchens contain, but, in my constant search of a minimalist bliss, I am forever consolidating. My current dilemma is how to consolidate my numerous glasses (white/shampagne/red/scotch/cognac/shot/sherry/beer/etc.) We do drink it all! However, all pretence aside, there must be a way of having less clutter! I figure that I need to keep water goblets (they can serve double duty as beer glasses), but what to do about the rest? Ideas or links are very much appreciated

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Hi all. I am an avid chef. I love to cook. Yes, I have worked in restaurants since I was 16. I am currently composing plenty of ideas for a restaurant, but have another idea I wanted to get opinions on. I have the idea to open an area with multiple kitchens and prep areas to provide people in the community to cook in. Whether they dont have a kitchen, their kitchen is too small, or they dont have many gadgets and tools.
Whats worse than loving to cook and not having the space or pans? Go somewhere there is plenty of cookware, prep space, ect and cook anything your heart desires. you provide the food, we provide the space! Im thinking some sort of membership fee

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