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Two Broke Bruces: Kitchen Curtains  December 9, 2013 – 06:02 pm

Our kitchen still has the original cabinetry from 1941, complete with a scalloped wood valance and super unattractive florescent light fixture with bare bulbs mounted underneath. Okay, so I'm not sure if the light fixture is from 1941, but the unattractive part is true. I wanted to make a curtain to hang across the span to tie my laundry and kitchen rooms together but mostly to hide that ugly light.

purchased a remnant piece of ikat fabric from a local fabric outlet a while ago, liking the pattern and colors, but not having anything specific in mind for it. Well, turns out the colors are almost exactly the same as the colors in my kitchen/laundry area, so I decided to use it to make my curtain.

started with my curtain "rod"... I used 2 yardsticks that I purchased in the paint department of Lowe's for $0.69 each. I didn't measure before I bought them but luckily, my span was exactly 6 feet, so the two together were the perfect size. I duct taped them together in the middle (I know, you're staggered at my highly technical process of joinery) and then laid my fabric across it. It worked out great that these were yard sticks because it made it much easier to find exact measurements for where I wanted to put my pleats.

I want to preface this part by stating that I am NOT a seamstress. I am very inexperienced with sewing machines and sewing in general, so I only attempt the simplest of sewing tasks. So if I can tackle this, anyone can.

I started by cutting a width of fabric from my remnant... long enough to be a little longer than my yardsticks so I'd have enough to do a few pleats and sew the hem. I sewed a bottom hem along the entire length of the fabric.

I started from the middle and worked my way out 3 inches on either side to find my pleats... and did the same at the halfway mark on each yardstick, folding a small section inward, so there are 3 sections of pleats all together.

nce I had them pinned, I sewed them down a little bit so they'd stay in place so I could attach the curtain to my yardsticks.


Source: www.2brokebruces.com

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Neighbors left their kitchen light on

And I couldn't sleep, even though I was exhausted from a very active day, because we share a little area where out kitchen windows look out (not quite an alley) and our kitchen curtains don't keep the light out sufficiently (need to get blinds, haven't gotten round to it yet).
so I closed the bedroom door except for a crack so the cats could come and go, and finally fall asleep.
so husband comes in and goes, "why did you close the door?" I don't answer, being ASLEEP and all. so he says loudly, "WHY DID YOU CLOSE THE DOOR?" as if it's important to know the answer to this at this late hour and knowing that I am exhausted and how precious sleep is to me

West elm sheer linen curtains "steel" color

Ok, I don’t know if this is a long shot but… I am looking for kitchen curtains. I have seen West Elm’s sheer linen curtains in person and like the texture and look of them, and am especially interested in the “steel” color. The only problem is, that color is only available via the internet or catalog. I’m hesitant to buy without seeing because I’ll be using “merchandise credit” and the curtains are on sale, so I’m afraid I won’t be able to return if I don’t like the color in person.
So, my question… have any of you seen these in person and would you say they’re more of a bluish steel or a grayish steel? They look pretty blue on the website, but we all know that doesn’t necessarily mean anything

Two, actually

I think you might want two different kinds of foam.
If you have a Joann's fabrics nearby, or even better an upholstery store. You want to get a very dense foam for a base and a softer foam for "contact". These stores should also sell tools you'll need to cut the foam (an xacto knife and patience has worked for me as well).
Don't forget 3M spray adhesive and test fit, test fit, test fit!
Oh, also you want to go oversize rather than undersize because when you cover it with fabric (leather, vinyl, green kitchen curtains) it's gonna pull everything in tighter

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The kitchen curtains are a case in point. Even though we'd changed the window treatments in our bedroom and living room, I was perfectly happy with the golden oldies hanging up in the room I keep the cleanest.

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Bring Life to Your Kitchen  — Living Green Magazine
Complement the windows with fabulous kitchen curtains. Use prints that will remind you of a garden such as floral. It's not all about plants and paint.

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