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Kitchen Artwork Redo...You Know For When You Don't Get It Right The First Time  November 28, 2013 – 12:48 pm

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As you might recall our in our kitchen we have this side board esque Ikea piece with art above it. Like many other times when you envision something for your home and you add it, it just doesn’t quite capture the essence of what you had in your head. Originally, I wanted to accent my gray and white kitchen with vintage teals and yellow. However, after seeing it come to life it just wasn’t all that I thought it would be. So recently I decided to make some changes instead accenting with more foodish, industrial vintage pieces to accent the industrial colors of gray and white mixed with the natural colors in the flooring.

First, lets jog our memory of what it looked like before.

As I browsed the internet I found this wonderful calendar on etsy. It was modern, but had that vintage printed industrial aspect mixed with food so I ordered it. Next, I had to find a way to replace the canvases above the side board with this calendar on the cheap. So while Christy and I were working on other projects for the nursery we painted the canvases over in chalkboard paint (already on hand) and sewed mini clothes pins onto the canvas to make it complete. I love how these turned out.

Here's what it looks like now....

They look amazing with the chalkboard and the metals and grays of the kitchen.

Once again a really simple and cheap project reusing what you already have, and using the gracious help of other wolfpackers.

Source: themisadventuresofthewolfpack.blogspot.com

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Hi again! I sometimes run into these cute stone plaques when I'm out at a store browsing the artwork (Kohls, Target, etc), but never see these same items online on the store's websites. Do you know of any sites in particular that would sell these cute little stone plaques? For the kitchen - could have flowers on it, baking scenes, utensils, I am flexible.
I have odd wall space to fill with fixtures that are oddly placed either centered or off-centered on these walls, so I thought instead of trying to find pictures to balance it all out (which can be time consuming trying to find the PERFECT pictures to balance it all out, I am willing to do different size (and multiple) plaques scattered (strategically of course) around

Artwork etc

I'm unsure of the placement for the sideboard and china cabinet, but so far I think the sideboard would make better visual sense in the nook.
I have several various sized pieces of art to hang up in the dinning room. They range from contemporary to vintage.
The feel of the room with decor etc is vintage with contempo updates. We like old stuff with new twists to update it and make it more fun/interesting.
Mostly vintage French/Italian with new modern thrown in, in a good way.
I thought putting the artwork pieces in the nook above the table with the red paint behind them would showcase them better and not feel as cluttered

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