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Home Makeover on a Budget: The Kitchen – Final Reveal  June 20, 2013 – 00:00

kitchen before June 20, 2013 By Becky

Ohh we have come such a long way on our kitchen makeover and it has been SUCH hard work.

I had let my accumulation of ‘stuff’ in this room get completely out of control, the drawers were unmanageable, unused appliances dominated works paces, it needed a really good paint and almost everything needed updating and replacing.table set

Decluttering, mood boarding , planning, shopping, cleaning, sorting, painting have all taken some time and much effort.cutlery

Now I have a kitchen I am proud of .Wilinson Kitchen makeover

Are you ready to see the pics?

I really think it looks so much cleaner and fresher.

The tiles are whiter and look really bright and gleam against the cream walls. The cream accessories blend really well and look unobtrusive.

The teal accented accessories Jen (love chic living) encouraged me to purchase add a little zing for a special dinner but can be put away when I want a more neutral look.

My drawers are now well organised and well stocked

I am cooking more too because my pans and trays are non stick again and I can get to them and because my kitchen is a much more pleasant place to be

Its all so much calmer and that affects how I feel as I work in here or cook in here or even sit and eat in here

My little workspace in the corner remains a project for another day!

But my view from it is hugely imporoved…..

I love the impact our new Wilkinsons accessories have had on our kitchen and feel lit is now a great room which is both practical and looks good!

Thanks to Wilkinson for sponsoring our makeover.

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Source: family-budgeting.co.uk

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I'm from minnesota too by the way -- its nice to see another MN person in here!
I can't tell you how many times i had people searching for gifts that couples registered for and couldn't find because they were no longer available -- they had registered for them too far ahead of time.
target renews its stock and clearances old stock every three months (basically every season), so its changing all of the time. if you plan to register for anything early at target, register for the staples, like kitchen accessories, stuff you know isn't going to get changed out for a new style. appliances they don't renew as often too

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    • Starting from scratch can be expensive, so look for Wilkinsons and Argos for household bits at decent price. Argos would be best for furniture as they have a very large variety, and in Wilkinsons you can pick up all the other little bits like kitchen, bedroom and bathroom accessories. And supermarkets like Sainsburys, Tesco etc for grocery shopping. :)

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