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Hand Painted Kitchens | Holme Tree Ltd  June 15, 2012 – 00:00
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+Hand Painted KitchensWhen we speak of kitchens, we picture a cosy, warm room filled with the delicious smells of home cooked meals. As for hand painted kitchens, you can expect the true homely feel along with the value it adds to any home. A quality kitchen is an absolute necessity for any house. Whether it is a big or small house, or even a simple apartment, a kitchen, especially a carefully designed one, creates a pleasant space that will undoubtedly add value to your property.

If you are renovating your house or if you are building a new one, creating the perfect kitchen is quite a challenge. Of course, this is where you need to think about professional help. Whether you are looking for a professional who builds simple kitchens or extravagant handmade oak kitchens the right company can most certainly make a difference in your project.

Handmade Oak Kitchens from Holme Tree

Holme Tree is a company that specialises in the creation of hand painted kitchens to suit your available space perfectly. We are well aware of the many complications that lace the process of building a perfect kitchen. For instance, you may not be the proud owner of a perfectly shaped kitchen with the ideal lighting and the perfect layout for setting up the fixtures. There are plenty of great houses with irregular shaped spaces to put up kitchens as well as spaces that require extensive modifications to fit your requirements.

Here, at Holme tree, handmade bespoke kitchens are our specialty. Whether your kitchen is a perfect rectangle or an odd shaped challenge, we can transform it into the very highest standard kitchen that will be a real treat to your home sweet home. Aside from handmade bespoke kitchens, we also offer handmade oak kitchens as well as a wide range of other options, tailor-made to your needs and expectations. What more can you ask for? Contact Holme Tree for handmade bespoke kitchens for any house.

Source: www.holmetree.co.uk

Quantum Publishing Ltd The Painted Kitchen
Book (Quantum Publishing Ltd)

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Replacing is better, but what is OP's budget

For this?
Also "Not Traditional" is setting off alarm bells. Could be painted MDF slab doors, could be something that is real strange.
As it is 18 years old without OP saying there are broken doors, I doubt MDF.We have painted kitchens out there, 25 years old, with all kinds of strange hardware. Strange lazy susan hardware, you might loose 1/2 a day getting it right.
BTY, Good morning and flag spam, please.

Painting kitchen cabinets

I like shiny (kind of euro look) kitchens, in bright colors- all red, or all yellow.
someone suggested i get my cabinets sprayed wiht car lacquer- anyone done that?
alternatively what kind of paint would be good.
i can either paint the cabinets that are there, or I can buy new cheapish ones and paint them/have them painted
(my car mechanic said he'd do it- has a spray room- but i'd like to hear from someone who has done this first.
i'm thiking car lacquer has to resist much mroe than what i'll thro it in the kitchen so it should be tough.

Baths, kitchens, etc. are usually painted with..

Semi-gloss or gloss paints.
But if you patch 'em, glossy paints will soak into patches and turn out dull. Plus, brush marks on patches are quite visible w/ glossy paints; paint the entire surface!
So, yes, ALWAYS prime patches when using glossy paints, then go further.
If you'll paint w/ flat, latex paint, priming ain't as important - it all ends up flat so eyes rarely detect the differences. But once you damage/patch any surface, "expect" to paint the entire surface (not the room, just that surface). You may not have to, but that's a safe assumption - and what we tell all tenants.

Lead paint on the ceiling is rare

You almost never find lead paint on a ceiling. Most commonly it is found on the exterior of the house and sometimes on the wood trim.
Lead paint was highest quality paint and expensive! It was saved for the high wear and tear areas. Occassionally you may find it on walls, especially kitchens or bathrooms.
Ceilings in the older homes of the Boston area were typically painted with calcimine paint. It is like a whitewash does not contain lead. Unfortunately today's paints do not stick to it well at all which is one reason you find trouble with peeling paint on ceilings. You can buy a special paint called calcimine coater which is supposed to solve that problem

Extended colour palette for PWS ' painted collection  — Furniture Production Magazine
PWS has enhanced its Second Nature painted collection with an extended colour palette in response to a growing demand for painted kitchens.

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