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Carmel Kitchens and Baths | Monterey Bay  June 9, 2013 – 00:00

1-Kitchen-Design Every cook has different requirements and each kitchen space is unique, so when it comes time to remodel, the goal of the certified designers at Carmel Kitchens and Baths is to create the perfect fit.

“Remodeling is usually something people think about for a very long time before they finally decide to do it, ” says owner Gary Courtright.Seaside-Dining-Remodel “When they come to us, they either have a dream or a problem and it’s our job to make sure their space works effortlessly and is beautiful.”

Courtright has been designing kitchens, baths, studies and other built-in spaces at Carmel Kitchens and Baths for 12 years and last year took over the business when the previous owner retired. Designer Julie Young has been at CKB 11 years and has a degree in Interior Design.Barrier-Free-Shower-After She worked previously in commercial design, before deciding to go for certification by the National Kitchen and Bath Association—a rigorous process that requires 60 hours of course work and sitting for a 6-hour exam.

Their studio is part of the Carmel Design Collection at the entrance to the Barnyard Shopping Village and is well worth a visit. It’s filled with tasteful model kitchens in a variety of styles, from quaint Carmel cottage to contemporary.5-Kitchen-Design-1 You can see innovative pullout shelving, built-in espresso makers, the latest hidden dishwashers and gorgeous new countertop materials that will have you itching to get started on your own remodel. An interesting footnote is that when the displays at Carmel Kitchens and Baths are updated, floor model cabinets and appliances that can’t be sold are donated to Habitat for Humanity, undoubtedly making for some very swanky habitat rooms.

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PB - stay away!

I am a remodeling contractor, we do kitchens and baths mostly. I have had clients choose cabs with PB and I hate having to work with them. Any water at all (ANY), and the panels swell with no way to correct them. Biggest problem is in the interior corners of the cab box.
I would suggest cabs built with a 7 layer cab grade ply. The plywood is built in layers that turn the grain of each laye...hus makes for a very stable material. This will cost big bucks from a prefab cabinet company. So we usually have our cabs custom built from a local cab man and prefinish on site. I hate to have to finish my own cabs when so many companies offer prefinished boxes, but that is the only way I have found to provide the look, feel and performance of a quality cabinet that is within my clients budget.

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The 2,000-square-foot showroom features the latest in European cabinetry for kitchens and baths and storage systems. The location is operated by Mark and Parker Borelli and partner Vincent Borelli.

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