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Future Kitchen: Ikea Cabinets | madison square home  September 1, 2009 – 00:00

yellow brown nexus ikea After a lot of back and forth and research & this and that, we’ve decided to go with Ikea cabinets for our kitchen. Despite the fact that some of Ikea’s furniture isn’t built to last more than a few years, they do have a great reputation for cabinets and offer a 25 yr warranty on them. We know a few architects that have used them in their own homes and we’re confident they will hold up for a while if we put in a quality countertop. Here is the door we are planning on using: Nexus Yellow-Brown. As for our old upper cabinets, they will get a new life in the basement with the old fridge as a pantry area. And a good portion of the old lower cabinets and possibly countertop will move next to the washer/dryer as a work area.

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We have IKEA cabinets

And like them very much, but we also planned out our kitchen to fit a standard-sized dishwasher. If you're redoing the whole thing, do go look at IKEA -- only spent $3600 for an entire 11'x11' kitchen's worth of cabinetry, including lazy susan corner cabinets, display shelves, and glass doors on some. Also check out local cabinet makers, though, as you can sometimes get really good prices from them. Stay away from Home Depot; their pricing for similar cabinets for our kitchen was ~$8K!

I can tell you how much our kitchen cabinets

Cost new, and the counters...
cabinets, all custom walnut are 16K - and could be cheaper as we got some magic corners, coved moldings and trash bins and shit and drawers which are more expensive than doors
counters - 2 slabs because we are using it elsewhere were 2200 and the labor is around 3800 (honing and installation and edging on a few counters...)
when we asked about ceasarstone the quote was around 3K for our kitchen only.
you could easily cut in half the cabinets via ikea. if not more.

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