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Office Decorating Ideas for Men | Interior Design | Room Interior Design  November 7, 2013 – 05:57 am

office decorating ideas for men
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Detail Office Decorating Ideas for Men

Source: thehomepicz.com

  • As featured in Wallpaper- and I.D. magazine.
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  • Size: 3" height.

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G*I*R*L*S....ideas for your men this holiday ...

1.a home baked honeyed clit.....on his tongue
2.you wrapped up in lights...plug it in before he walks in the door..of course, naked in heels
3.chocolate nipples..for his office party...he'll be home early
4.naughty notes under the pillow on christmas eve...coupons for naughty tittie chocolate mousse swirl licks
5. incredible oral for him....go all out!!!
6.wear a new lingerie from your favorite resource...in pink
7.have him discover you on the kitchen table, stockings on, heels, garters...laying over a sheepskin rug, derriere exposed
8.make him breakfast in bed one morning

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  • Avatar BigBoss113 What are some ideas for rooms in my Minecraft castle?
    Jul 21, 2012 by BigBoss113 | Posted in Video & Online Games

    I have a foyer, workshop, library, courtyard, vault, and my bedroom of course. What are some ideas for making my castle bigger?

    • Guest rooms, kitchen, tower, or glass tower, observation room with one wall made of glass for a good view, mineshaft, walls, garden room, farm, cant think of other stuff

  • Avatar Sabrina Are there any tips or ideas for a minecraft themed birthday?
    Sep 30, 2012 by Sabrina | Posted in Entertaining

    I'm assisting in throwing my 10 year old brothers 11th birthday. His favorite game is Minecraft. I am rather unfamiliar with the game and any ideas for a cake, decorations, or anything would be great. Thanks!

    • I have an idea for a cake, try make something called dirt, which basically is dirt: i have no idea, try googeling it

  • Avatar Hannah Do you have any ideas on what rooms I could use for Minecraft?
    Mar 02, 2013 by Hannah | Posted in Video & Online Games

    I am building a house and I want it to be HUGE. Please no stupid ideas like a furnace room or a crafting room. It just wastes the space I have.

    • Cool! Try adding a Kitchen, A guest room, basement, bathroom, bedrooms, a pool and shed outside??? How about even a hidden room with a lever and piston door to put valuable stuff in! (Such as diamonds, iron, Armour, Obsidian, and Emeralds to trade with villagers.) Game rooms and a play area for young kids. And for laughs maybe even a strip pole for the girls:) LOL anyway add some of those things and some trees.

  • Avatar Charles Minikin What are some rooms to put in my minecraft house?
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    and i have a bathroom

    • If you want a nice addition to your house add biome rooms, each with a theme, for example; a beach room, snow room etc
      I have done the same on one of my saves and it is really fun to landscape and build these little areas.

  • Avatar Boston Is A Brotherhood What can I do to make my house better?
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    • Lol all i do is build cool homes and move on try get some sugercane and make book shelfs and put in a corner in a L shape in the top and underneath put stairs withsigns on the side for a chair look and a dirt block with a …ther for better lloking light or jakle lanterns also on a side note everthing is sqwere yes . . . . . .RONG!!! =o RILLY U SAY drop summing the shadows round =O w..t..f i pay for a block game and thats what thay give me!!!