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Kitchen Ideas Black And White Wood Floor  April 7, 2013 – 00:00
30 Black And White Kitchen Design Ideas | DigsDigs

Recent Interior Inspiration

Fancy Hot Or Not has decorate with interesting concept, merge the fresh and trendy decoration can be creates interesting great Dining Room Colors even if on a small place.

The superb deluxe living room with comfortable ideas that bring us an inspiration to renovate our home deluxe living room concept.

Beautiful, the photo above is striking result of creative eye catching dining room touch, this Beautiful Hhbn Dining Room Light Sx Lg is related with eye catching dining room that we have talked about previously.

Antique Hbx Grass Green Kitchen Ln is one of inspiring ideas, right placement and right decor makes this green Kitchen App showing an interesting design.

Source: www.vectormu.com

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Shaker style cabinets seem very popular in SF. Probably 5 out of the 7 homes had them. Anyone know if shaker is a classic that will remain classic?
Looking at something like absolute black granite for galley counter and maybe verde for the island? I've seen light cabinets and darker on bottom, but how about two differnt countertop colors in the same kitchen?

Black particles in water

I have had black particles coming through each one of my water faucets - bathtub, kitchen sink and the sink next to the washing machine. They are small and sometimes 'form' into crystal like shapes. They are also hard to clean off and if smear, sort of oily in texture. Any ideas on what this could be? The landlord took a sample two months ago and said they were too busy at his work to test it in the lab. Then he took another sample three weeks ago with no results. Then he took another one at the beginning of last week. He states the problem wasn't here when he lived here up through last November when I moved in

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