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Passion shake : Project renovation  July 7, 2013 – 00:00

white and green kitchen Hello everyone! Hope you are well :)

As I mentioned in the previous 'project renovation post' - the time has come to make some changes in the apartment.traditional I collected those kitchen pictures to put together the main ideas I'm having right now (I'm saying right now, because it can still change!wooden worktops Well...you know how it is... ;)

I have always liked rather traditional kitchens so the plan is to get white, simple cabinets warmed up with wooden counter-tops. I'm most likely going to go with ikea cabinets.Mint Here is my little secret - I'm a fan of Ikea deeply inside :P And the thing is - not only because Ikea is affordable, I DO actually like their designs! Who is with me? Anyone? :P
So I'm considering STAT or FAKTUM series... they are both simple and nice.

The color of the walls will be light mint... what paint? what shade? Good question! But I still don't have the answer... So far I got tones of color schemes, catalogs and I'm trying to choose the 'perfect shade' from all those pretty options.

I've never thought choosing a tap can be meaningful until i saw this one!
Yep I truly like it :)

Tiles or no tiles? I still need to choose the color between the cabinets.

I'm considering white or mint. In fact I like both options and both will suit the main design.

What do you think about the combination of white&mint colors with wooden floor or wood like tiles? I have to say I love it!

And that point brings me to the kitchen decorations! Which I think will be the most fun part. Can't wait to place all the little pastel accessories there!

The pink coffee machine by Ascaso, I have seen for the first time on one of my favorite blogs - Sukkertoy for oyet, in Ida's pretty kitchen. Since then I can't wait to get my own! :D
It is so pretty!

Still a lot of things to consider and a lot of decisions to make but I'm getting there!
Check out more kitchen ideas on my Pinterest board.

Thanks for reading!

Lots of love x

blue and green white or mint mint

Source: passionshake.blogspot.com

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