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The next Nest from Joseph Joseph | Appliances and Kitchen Gadgets  August 9, 2013 – 02:18 pm

The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 is similar to the company's Nest set,but provides more durability.The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 is a set of kitchen tools that stack together for easy storage. Nine useful items come in the set with the workhorses showing up in stainless steel.

July 16,2013 2:32 PM PDT

The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 is similar to the company's Nest set,but provides more durability.

Not everybody wants a kitchen with gadgets and contraptions decked out in the brightest colors possible. It is probably safe to say that some gadgets and contraptions don't even warrant a fanciful color treatment; sometimes mundane kitchen tasks really are mundane. Now,this isn't a treatise against colorful objects,but rather a notice that sometimes the classics shine brightest.

The Joseph Joseph Nest 100 ($100) set is the stainless steel version of the colorful Nest mixing and measuring tool set. The nesting bowls consist of nine common no-frills items that can be used for a variety of tasks.Included in the set are five measuring cups,two mixing bowls,a colander and a fine stainless steel sieve. They might not be the most exciting of kitchen tools by themselves,but throw in some ingredients and let your imagination wander,say with chocolate chip cookies.

No matter how bright a kitchen tool may be,storage is always a concern. The aptly-named Nest set stacks together to help keep clutter at a minimum. Convenient handles as well as nonslip bases on the mixing bowls add utility to the set. So even though they might not be the most colorful objects in the kitchen,users shouldn't mind a bit -- especially after the first batch of cookies is done.

Brian Krepshaw A San Francisco resident,Brian has access to some of the best dining in the world. With a deep appreciation for the kitchen,he is always on the lookout for that perfect appliance that combines style and grace with the ever-popular ability to save time.

Source: www.cnet.com

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Kitchen gadgets as sex toys?

Was thinking about this this morning. Had the thought that one of those glass juicers (manual, not electric) could be used as a buttplug? Flared base, not too big, tapered, somewhat bulbous.
Good/bad idea? What other kitchen gadgets have you found work well as sex toys (besides the obvious spatula for spanking)? Which would be UNsafe?

What are your most-used kitchen gadgets?

Other than the basics of stove, frig, oven?
We could probably get rid of our regular oven without much difficulty. We use a little tiny toaster oven for a lot, and the microwave for everything else.
But one thing that has really made life easier is the electric egg-boiler. Also the coffee grinder for my flax seed cereal.

I heart great kitchen gadgets ;-)

SO griped about my Calphalon stuff when I moved in because it has to be hand-washed. Not long after that I bought a set of mid-grade Chicago Cutlery knives that are also not dishwasher safe and she grouched about that too. Now she doesn't use anything else ;-)
Wüsthof's too upscale for me. The garbage disposal's been run with one of the CC paring knives in there and it got scratched up a little - if it'd been a Wüsthof I'd have been tempted to use the rest of the set on the offender ;-)

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