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Reviews of the Martha Stewart Kitchen Cabinets? Good Questions  October 14, 2013 – 09:02 pm

Q: I was wondering if anyone had experience with Martha Stewart's kitchen cabinet line. We are completing a gut overhaul of the kitchen in our 1920s home and were hoping to add organizational details while respecting the vintage feel of our home. I love the style of Martha's cabinets and all of the organizational options. And the cabinets seem to be a great value. Anyone have any experience with this line?

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Elegant Home Fashions Elegant Home Fashions Dawson Collection Shelved Wall Cabinet, White
Home (Elegant Home Fashions)
  • Charming wall cabinet provides enclosed, adjustable shelf
  • Sturdy engineered-wood construction; beautiful white finish
  • Paneled cupboard doors pull open with stylized, rounded knobs
  • Crisscross-patterned cutout window; some assembly required
  • Measures 7 by 20 by 24 inches

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Kitchen Cabinets & Tables, Buttons, Stickers &

Decals, Posters, on and on...
An Artist friend's mother has beautiful oil paintings by her children on her kitchen cabinets and dining room table. These could be photographs instead of paintings.
Liquid emulsion is available for painting on nearly any surface, to be exposed and developed. Also usable on silk screens...
Button-making kits are available at most crafts stores.

Kitchen Cabinets: Sanding between poly coats

As some of you know, I have been refacing 6 kitchen cabinets which I bought used on Craigslist.
This project has taken much longer than I imagined.
I am now done with the staining. Getting 6 cabinets to look the same, after staining, is no easy task.
I now want to put on 3 coats of satin polyurethane. I'm using an oil based poly and applying it with a cloth.
However, I need to sand in between poly coats. After putting on some poly on the first cabinet, I tried to sand it with 320 grit. But guess what? I sanded too hard and removed some stain. This was a major bummer since I had to sand down all the stain and stain it again

Where to donate kitchen cabinets

I need to donate about 30 kitchen cabinet and drawers , that are brand new and worth $3000. this is for a client and i need to get a tax receipt for this donation. Where can I do this? Salvation Army does not take this type item. I tried to contact Habitat but can't get in touch with anyone. Can someone provide me with an organization that will take this nice item? Look forward to hearing .

Use builder- or high-end-grade replacement kitchen cabinets  — Arizona Daily Star
QUESTION: The kitchen cabinets in our house go back to the 1990s. Now we're getting ready to replace them, and we'd like some advice on what to look for in good quality cabinets. We are planning to make use of the existing footprint in the kitchen.

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