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Minecraft Kitchen design and ideas : MY SMART THREADS  August 22, 2013 – 06:18 pm

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smart investment ideas Minecraft kitchen with all the furnishings! How to make Fridge, piston tables, sink, cutting boards, cupboards, pantry, storage area, appliances, stove, the works! I’ve been making a lot of kitchens for my minecraft restaurants so I figured I’d share it with you guys. Short video.

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That table friggin' rules.

Is it yours or the previous owners? if they left it, and you don't want it, can i buy it from you? (but don't let, because i already have an extra kitchen table in storage!) and those appliances are really cool.
in any case, that bathroom could really work. pink is pretty popular in decor now, i bet you could find some cool matching accessories that aren't necessarily flamingo-related. i'd just want to take down the wallpaper, myself.

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The film's subjects often emerge as reluctant activists, forced by circumstance to defend their dignity and fight for acceptance. Today, we find them chattering in farmhouse kitchens, at work in their gardens or sailing on the Med.

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  • Avatar BigBoss113 What are some ideas for rooms in my Minecraft castle?
    Jul 21, 2012 by BigBoss113 | Posted in Video & Online Games

    I have a foyer, workshop, library, courtyard, vault, and my bedroom of course. What are some ideas for making my castle bigger?

    • Guest rooms, kitchen, tower, or glass tower, observation room with one wall made of glass for a good view, mineshaft, walls, garden room, farm, cant think of other stuff