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Red Kitchen Accessories: Red and Retro!  July 2, 2012 – 00:00

Posted by: admin on July 3, 2012 in Kitchen Accessories

When you are deciding to remodel your house into retro design style then red kitchen accessories could be the excellent addition to your home decoration. The addition of red colored accessories to your kitchen could bring some dramatic touch to your retro kitchen. Like what I did to my kitchen, adding this daring colored accessories give more balance in style, wit and practicality for my retro styled kitchen. I start with combining this daring color with traditional set of items, which surprisingly work really well. In my kitchen I have red colored porcelain canister sets which is really added some personality to the room. I also have red glass vases which are quite daring in term of design but fortunately match with the general atmosphere of the room. What can I conclude from this is that red kitchen accessories can be really appropriate to combine with retro kitchen accessories or even vintage kitchen accessories.

red kitchen accessories red kitchen accessories

Red Kitchen Accessories: The Color Schemes

Adding red kitchen accessories to your retro styled kitchen could be really tricky things to do if you aren’t a professional in interior design. You could have ended up having a kitchen which has out-of-place feel compared to other rooms in your house if you didn’t get it right. Here I have retro color schemes involved red which could help you decorate your home appropriately. The first color scheme is to combine red with black and white. You can start decorating your kitchen with black and white checkerboard style vinyl flooring. Then you can combine it with cupboard or walls in either red or white color. Please note that you have to choose one color for either cabinets or wall in order to maintain balance in term of visual aesthetic in the color scheme. In addition, to make the kitchen even livelier you can also add red vintage linen, red modular kitchen accessories or red plastic seating in your kitchen. The color schemes involved red kitchen accessories gives a very strong personality to your kitchen.

Red Kitchen Accessories: Red, White, Teal Color Scheme

Beside the red, white and black color scheme that involves red kitchen accessories you can also have red, white and teal color scheme for your kitchen. The different here with the previous color scheme is the checkerboard vinyl flooring which using red and white combination instead of black and white. In the meantime we can use the teal color for the cupboard or maybe the kitchen walls. Then you could put one or two red kitchen accessories in form of vase which will make it quite stand out as the decoration in the room. You can use your imagination here but always remember to maintain the balance between red kitchen accessories and the rest of decoration in the room.

Kitchen Accessories red kitchen accessories

Source: kitchendesignsideas.net

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Well, it's not a super cheap one, but it's not a

Professional quality by any stretch of imagination. It cost about $175 with all the accessories (bag, mini tripod, extra battery, memory card).
Most of the house will be a pale yellow cream color. The kitchen is red and will have an orange or dark yellow sponge finish over the red. I haven't picked a new color for my bedroom/bathroom yet.

Here's an older pic of mine

I have two tables in an L shape in one corner of my room. The sewing machine is still in that place and my serger is on the other table. I have peg boards screwed into the walls above the tables with baskets up for all of my notions, patterns and rolls of interfacing. Fabric is stored below the tables in bins--under all the tables save for two spaces under my machines, for leg room to sit and work. I also have a shelf up on the wall above the pegboard baskets on the OTHER table that isn't pictured. That shelf holds 3 plastic tubs of fabric--mostly the stuff I use less often, larger yardage, solid colors

A few more ideas

You can melt down old crayon bits and mold in (no longer for food) candy molds. or a (no food anymore) ice cube tray. melt red, orange, and yellow bits in one, green blue and purple in another, mix up the colors. these are great for kids, the bigger size molds are easy for them to hold, like ice cube shapes... check the $1 store for ice cube trays, sometimes they have them in cute shapes as well.
Coupon Book- these are free, just write up index cards as 'coupons' and staple/ punch a hole and ribbon to make a booklet. Coupons can say things like 'This Coupon Guarantees One Night of Grandma Babysitting', 'This Entitles The Bearer To HomeMade Cookies Any Time', 'Redeem This Coupon For A Day Of Arts&Crafts With Grandma'

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The film's subjects often emerge as reluctant activists, forced by circumstance to defend their dignity and fight for acceptance. Today, we find them chattering in farmhouse kitchens, at work in their gardens or sailing on the Med.

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