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5 Thanksgiving Kitchen Accessory Ideas that make Great Gifts  February 12, 2013 – 00:00

5-Kitchen-Accessories-for-Men Thanksgiving is a special time of the year meant to be spent with close friends and family. Gifts are exchanged as luxurious yet tokens of appreciation and kitchen accessories seem to make great gifts.

Nothing says “Personal” like Homemade Thanksgiving Kitchen Accessories

Bath fizzes can prove to be rather simple and accessible to form at home,and make for great gifting items. You can choose homemade body scrubs as well. Your folks are bound to love the simple yet surprisingly useful homemade cocktail mixers.SpodeTurkeyPlatterYou may want to add printable tags on the items.

Tasty Treats make the Perfect Gifts

Batches of granola made from scratch at home are perfect accompaniments for the kitchen. Frozen cookie dough rolls can also pass as tasty kitchen gifts,especially if they happen to be wrapped prettily in Thanksgiving-themed paper.

Your kitchen is sure to become the highlight of the house with the delicious hot chocolate mix that is ideal for a chilly Thanksgiving evenings. You can put the mix in little tins and attach printable labels that are available for download from the World Wide Web.

Stock your refrigerator this Thanksgiving with sweet jam or preserved fruit made in the comfort of your home. Be sure to complete the canning process a good deal early in advance,probably during the summer months,if you are thinking of offering preserved fruit or jam as Thanksgiving gifts.Thanksgiving-treats-top-6Simply pick up a jar,wrap it using a pretty tea towel or place it inside a bag tied up neatly with a ribbon. You can also try decorating a small bag and filling it with some of your favourite coffee. Classy,personal and it smells great!

Herbed salts and flavoured sugar are good Thanksgiving gifts. You just leave a vanilla bean within sugar in order to scent it,and offer it in a delicate jar. A medium sized jar of honey,a bottle of virgin olive oil,a bunch of fresh garden herbs and a pint of flavoured ice-cream,tied together with a ribbon serve to lighten moods when ‘tis the season of Thanksgiving.

Source: www.kitchenclan.com

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Far out! Vintage Ducati's, Italian racing bikes, right on! (Did you mean Benelli?) Man, where do you store the colledtion? I would love to get into collecting, but my place is tiny and I've only got a 1-car garage. In fact, due to lack space, my bicycle hangs from the kitchen wall next to my kitchen table. Makes a groovy wall sculpture to look at while having breakfast.
Wow, I'm tripping again, but many years ago (first job) I worked for these two free-spirited dudes (OK...Hippies) back in the day. Picture one funky, smoke-filled (yea, "that" kind of smoke) office, two guys in Hawaiian shirts and sandals, and loud rock music

Les Invisibles – review  — The Guardian
The film's subjects often emerge as reluctant activists, forced by circumstance to defend their dignity and fight for acceptance. Today, we find them chattering in farmhouse kitchens, at work in their gardens or sailing on the Med.

Man Law Man Law BBQ Grill light
Lawn & Patio (Man Law)
  • 12 Super-bright LED bulbs
  • Adjustable screw clamp
  • Adjustable screw clamp 2 magnet base
  • Flexible arm up to distance 23-inch
  • Weather resistant aluminum construction
Oakley Oakley Mens Kitchen Sink Backpack
Apparel (Oakley)
  • Padded side access panel to fit most 17? laptops
  • Water bottle side pocket
  • Front zip pocket with accessory organization panel to separately store smaller items
  • Abrasion?resistant bottom panel for enhanced durability
  • Bottom shoe compartment with mesh panel provides spacious, breathable storage
  • 20" H x 14" W x 8" D
  • 34L capacity
  • 69% Nylon, 31% Polyester
Chef Works Chef Works CSBA-BCS Chalk Stripe Bib Apron with Pockets, 34-1/4-Inch Length by 27-Inch Width, Black/White
Home Improvement (Chef Works)
  • 65/35-Poly/cotton fabric with soil release finish
  • Two patch center divided pockets. Apron can tie in the front or back
  • 34.25-Inch length by 27-Inch width
  • Available in black chalk strip only
  • Machine wash with like colors, tumble try low

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  • Avatar rich h Where do I find sources of stainless steel kitchen building accessories?
    May 01, 2007 by rich h | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am having an outdoor kitchen built. It will have a stainless grill, refrigerator, and sink. I also want to install a stainless ice drawer and some other generic stainless doors/drawers. Who sells these types of items … Amazon, but not by the manufacturer, only a middle-man mail-order house. The local grill boutiques don't deal with the kitchen construction items.) I want to buy ready-made, not custom-built, to keep prices affordable.

    • Look under restaurant equipment dealers in your area they usually only deal in stainless-the yellow pages