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Mommypage Home Decorating Ideas and Tips :  September 13, 2013 – 04:59 am

Ali's FamilyAli shares must-read home decorating tips just for moms and reveals her favorite and most challenging decorating projects!

Tell us more about yourself,your family,and “Dream Crafter”! What inspired you to start your website,and what type of crafts can readers find your site?

My name is Ali and I am a dreamer. (Cheesy right?) I am married to a grad student (and avid mountain lover) and have two toddler boys that keep me hopping! I originally started the whole “craft bloggin” biz with my sisters a few years ago. After a while,I was the only one that was still enthused about crafting. That’s when I decided to start Dream Crafter. The website is all about real life. Life is messy and we keep on trying to make things more beautiful. If we can dream it we can make it! You wanna know what I love best about my website?…I can write about anything I darn please. Sometimes it’s a book I’m reading or a show I’m watching.kitchen - <strong><a href=Home Decorating Tips - @Mommypage" width="170" height="113">But most of the time you will find me up to CREATING something. I share every kind of craft. I don’t think someone should be limited to a certain type of art. I love a good medium and I am willing to try anything new. If you visit my site (however) you will mostly find DIY furniture projects, holiday décor,how to decorate your home on a budget, recipes,and fun things for kids.

You have completed some amazing furniture projects! Which project was the most challenging to complete and why? Can you share some of your favorite past projects?

Although we have done a lot of furniture projects,I think the hardest one was actually the door table. (The pictures on the site are terrible because I was too tired after making it to actually care about the pictures. ) I think it was the most challenging because we didn’t have a tutorial to guide us. We just had to learn (through lots of mistakes) how to create a strong,sturdy table. I think some
f my favorite past projects are 1. Working on my parents’ kitchen makeover,2. Felt food breakfast and 3. The holiday tree. Don’t tell anyone…but the furniture projects are always my least favorite to create but my favorite to be done with. Stepping back and looking at the result is the most rewarding part after all!

Recently you completed a mudroom makeover for your brother-in-law. Tell us

Source: www.mommypage.com

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