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Simple Decorating Ideas for Mason Jars  July 15, 2013 – 00:00

IMG_0998 Mason jars or canning jars have been around forever, but there are so many great decorating uses for them! Here are a few ideas:

Vases for Flowers- Mason jars make great, simple vases for casual arrangements,


Hanging lanterns:



(I am totally stealing this idea for my pantry!)





The possibilities are endless for this humble glass jar...what do you like to use mason jars for?


Source: kristyseibert.com

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Simple decorating idea for my cake --

I made a two-layer ginger cake and covered it with a thin glaze of ganache. I'd like a little something to spiff it up a bit but drawing blanks. I can't use nuts. Usually I'd use a few little edible herb flowers but have none now. I could do the powdered sugar thing but would rather something else. Any very simple ideas?

Picture Frame decorating ideas?

I bought some unfinished frames from Ikea that I would like to give away as christmas gifts to my parents and future inlaws with a picture of me, my fiance, and our dog. My issue? I can't decide how to decorate the frames! My parents and my future inlaws have a very different style...my mother likes "country" style (sunflowers, bears, decorative wall finishes, quilts, etc.) and my future inlaws have pretty simple tastes (their house is entirely white walls, clean lines, no frills).
I'd rather not spend a fortune buying tons of different things to finish these frames off with (thinking now I should have just bought different frames to suit their styles!!)

HELP! Hippie Christmas Decorations

My boyfriend and I are having a hippie christmas decorating party and are decorating our tree this wknd. We decided that we would like to make all of our own ornaments... and not spend a lot of money. We're already making the popcorn garland and clothespin reindeer, but anyone else have any simple ideas???
Thanks so much!!

Need some creative ideas for a wedding outfit.

So, a dear friend's wedding is coming up this Sat and I'm at a loss to what to wear. The couple more or less want people to dress however they'd like -pretty much anything goes as long as it's appropriate for Grandma to see.
My conundrum is that I'm hobbling around with a broken foot and am on crutches and am in a boot.
Was thinking of decorating my crutches and boot.
Any ideas or experience here?
(Oh yeah, I'm a short female. Planning to wear a white/green dress and keeping it simple OR go all "Miami Vice" and wear an ultra-white dress suit with a neon shirt, ray bans, etc...)

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