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Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas by Thermador  May 14, 2013 – 00:00

Modern Kitchen Decor Ideas by Thermador

For all those people who truly want to make their kitchen awesome as a way to enjoy a magnificent experience that is completely professional simultaneously, then a Thermador Kitchen is your desired destination.Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_02 Thermador is among the best agencies that deliver you with elegant kitchen accessories which make your kitchen just like it manufactured for a professional chef. In this article, I am displaying you few of the advanced designs that are all amazing and will make you simply love to cook.Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_04 The best or ideal thing is that you will discover everything you need or want in a fully organized way which helps you to reach anything quite easily.Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_05

Outstanding cabinets with contemporary designed Thermador Equipments are used which preserves much space and accumulates different accessories in the similar space. The products used inside your kitchen are completely up to your choice and you will also observe that wood is the major material which is abundantly used. These remarkable kitchens integrate among having metal appliances and wooden cabinets which are smooth and clean and gives modern look. Wood and pick the ideal one for yours!!

You can also see :

Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_03 Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_06 Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_07 Modern-kitchens-by-Thermador_08

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Cupecoy Home Fashion, Inc. Self Design Modern Contemporary Abstract Wall Clock - Numbers
Home (Cupecoy Home Fashion, Inc.)
  • Awesome Wall Clock
  • Adhesive so You Can Put the Numbers Anywhere
  • Measures 18" in Diameter
  • Great for a Contemporary Room
  • Have Fun with the Numbers

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Some ideas for you

I spent over a year looking at magazines, kitchen cabinet brochures and various websites and clipping things I liked. Visit a Home Expo and talk to a storefront kitchen remodeling store. If you like modern look at Metropolitan Home magazine also check out Elle Decor.
Some of my fav websites:
Good luck and have fun...take your time in choosing a contractor! It is worth every bit of aggrevation!

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  • Avatar katherine What color to paint my kitchen walls to brighten it up?
    May 07, 2010 by katherine | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The cabinets are a medium oak built in the 80s,floor is a dark not ebony wood.The cabinets have a soffit that makes the cabinets look heavy.Counter tops would be a neutral.2 wooden doors in kitchen to deck and to carport.don't want to paint the cabinets.No yellows please.What would you suggest the room has a chair rail with dark paneling below and drywall above.would like a two tone.

    • A light sage green with gray undertones would be nice. By two-tone do you mean the paneling below being one color and the drywall above being the second color? Or two-tone on the drywall? If you mean the first the green would make it two-tone. If you mean two-tone on the drywall, you could use a slightly darker sage green to make vertical stripes about a foot wide all around.

  • Avatar Lauren I want to paint over my beige ceramic tile floors in my kitchen is that a good idea?
    Jun 21, 2008 by Lauren | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    My walls are dark tan color, my cabinets are oak wood color, and my countertops are light brown and tan colors mixed. All of my appliances are white and the color scheme I have going on is Tuscan style decor with shades of orange, red, brown,black,blue,and green. So I'm very confused about what color to paint my floors. Please Help! Thanks!

    • Of course a darker floor will match your current color theme the best. But painting the ceramic may not be able to get desirable results as paiting will hide the original textures in ceramic. Have you thought about changing the floor to granite tiles? There are several dark tone granite available in the market. Just a suggestion.

  • Avatar amom25 Ideas for Changing 80's Style Country Home to a Rich Tuscan or Mission Style on TIGHT Budget?
    Sep 10, 2007 by amom25 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    House is currently 80's country. The woodwork is lt golden oak, white cabinetry & shiny hardware, shiny brass glass fixtures - my style is Tuscan, darker woods, marble, iron, rich earth tones. Mission also appeals to m …ng window (which faces back yard) would add a degree of privacy but not block too much light and view. I saw some pretty wroung iron hangning pots that were inexpensive. I just don't want to go overboard with the black.

    • Brass & glass? tape off the glass, spray paint the brass with a flat black spray paint made for metal.

      paint kitchen walls a soft yellow (matches with the existing colors) and pick areas to go over in a …ive di solo pane' -
      one does not live by bread alone.

      and finally here is a link you might be interested in; this helps. sure wish i could see it when you are finished. i know it will be outstanding!

  • Avatar C.E How to decorate an authenic Tuscany style kitchen?
    Nov 11, 2009 by C.E | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I was wondering if I could gets some ideas on decorating a tuscan inspired kitchen to look authentic as possible. I don't want to slap down some grape and wine hand towels and call it Italian. I want to try as much as possible to get even the smallest detail. Only down fall I'm currently renting so no drastic changes such as tiling or anything. thanks

    • Start with a paint color that is a tuscan color. I really like the terracotta and gold colors. Then work into some curtains or drapes. I like the way this tuscan kitchen does the drapes and paint color.

      yo …my space categorie after that. Then type in Tuscan kitchen or just tuscan to get ideas. I do this for all areas of my house to get ideas.


  • Avatar Weezy J What are the colors of Tuscany?
    Jul 21, 2008 by Weezy J | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I am doing my kitchen over, new paint, curtains and knobs on the cabinets. Any ideas for colors? Indexpensive design ideas? Thanks!

    • Here's heaps of artwork depicting Tuscany. Perhaps they will give you inspiration for your decor:
      for colors, I see golds, red, greens & sky blue.