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» Modern decorating ideas to save space.  July 17, 2013 – 17:07

This is an indisputable fact, most of us, at one time or another, will live in a space, all of our precious items too small. Of course, when you first move out of their (first, second, or third), you have all the things that you acquired while living in the parents’ house, and suddenly find your next home, well, a little cramped. Maybe you live in a large space is simply expensive and scarce in the city. Fortunately, modern design focuses on clean lines and functional furniture, as a result, there are some great ways that you can make your space, no matter how small, it may be very few, where I live When I asked my parents’ house is my university, in the heart of downtown Portland, Oregon campus housing nearby and I share a small kitchenette and a very small bathroom, the students in the room next to me A bed, a sink, a built-in desk, doubled as a dressing table and a wardrobe without doors, is my “furniture” level. anything, I had half the space at home is easy, but I have the same property I own everything in the constant state of war – piles of clothes, books, desks pushed, homework and makeup huddled shoulder to shoulder on the smidgen of counter space and require ironing board threatened to overthrow if they knock someone closes a door, too hard.Only Recently, I came across some great space saving contemporary thought, really make my life easier in the hostel. these ideas are perfect little apartment, urban loft, or who Want a little more space, maybe you even have what you need all the space, but less clutter. contemporary design elements are concentrated in a clean, uncluttered living environment for your furniture to work for you – not against you. many contemporary works are also inspired artwork in its own right, providing a great interest and visual appeal.For kitchenette – If your cabinet doors cabinet shelf edges and leave enough space between the installation of a suspension, the drop-down shelves They are inside a couple of these shelves can small bathroom ideas accommodate light cooking supplies or utensils, while you work. You can also use the inside of the cabinet doors, you can hang cooking utensils, measuring cup, measuring spoon, or any one small hole in the handle light self-adhesive hooks, which can clear out some other items drawer space. looking for some art salt and pepper shakers, you will not be embarrassed to leave on the table a small cabinet space.A cutting board, large enough to cover your kitchen sink pull double duty. slide it over the sink in the project need to have this extra workspace countertops not only give you more, but it can quickly cover any mess, if the company shows unannounced.

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Decorating help

How did you find a middle ground for decor when you got married? I love girl shabby chic type decor and of course it wouldnt be fair to cover our room in flowers. Any good ideas on a meet in the middle type style? We have a black modern bed and dark bookcases.
I want to get one of these bedding sets

Give me some decorating ideas please. I

Have a brown leather couch for the living room, and a wooden dining room set with a slate inlay for the dining room. That's it except some knick knacks that could go with anything.
I like older things with a unique vibe. I like rich colors. Nothing too fanciful, but not too sparse and modern.
Anyone have soem good ideas for a living room and dining room? They are seperate spaces but flow into one another


I bought a house six months ago and I still have not decorated the interior. I have so many ideas but I am terrified of committing to anything. Also, everything is so damn expensive! I am finally having company over this weekend so I just started buying all of the things I've had my eye on. I want to do a modern shabby chic motif in my living room. I'd love some opinions on the things that I'm planning. What do you think of these things?
Framed scrapbook paper
Birdcage w/candle on the floor in the corner

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  • Avatar katherine What color to paint my kitchen walls to brighten it up?
    May 07, 2010 by katherine | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    The cabinets are a medium oak built in the 80s,floor is a dark not ebony wood.The cabinets have a soffit that makes the cabinets look heavy.Counter tops would be a neutral.2 wooden doors in kitchen to deck and to carport.don't want to paint the cabinets.No yellows please.What would you suggest the room has a chair rail with dark paneling below and drywall above.would like a two tone.

    • A light sage green with gray undertones would be nice. By two-tone do you mean the paneling below being one color and the drywall above being the second color? Or two-tone on the drywall? If you mean the first the green would make it two-tone. If you mean two-tone on the drywall, you could use a slightly darker sage green to make vertical stripes about a foot wide all around.