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Italian Kitchen Decorating Ideas | Modern Home Decor  June 26, 2013 – 00:00

inspirational cp kitchen lg Italian kitchen decor is one of the favorite themes used in kitchen setup and is excellent for enjoying a great dining experience. Tuscan style Italian kitchen decor displays the warmth of earth tones and uses all-natural materials such as granite, stone, terracotta or slateItalian kitchen is basically divided into two types - the ancient style and modern style. While conventional form adds simplicity, love and warmth to the kitchen, modern style gives the house a more fashionable and modern look.italian kitchen decor See some italian kitchen decorating ideas below.italian kitchen decorating idea


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Seeking mid century design/decor ideas

We're doing some work on a 1950 ranch tract house that is generally pretty plain, but has a vaguely Spanish hacienda/adobe type feel in the few standout architectural elements there are- living room has darkish wood ceilings with open beams and some of the floors are a similar colored oak, there's an arched hallway entry, the front porch rafter tails have simple rounded detail, and the walls (some of which are masonry and very thick) all have a hand troweled plaster texture.
Otherwise its *very* mid century as far as the layout and big fixtures go, like the Crane tub and sinks, kitchen cabinets, etc

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