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Kitchen decoration and design ideas, Why not a dark kitchen? |  Minimalisti.com  June 26, 2013 – 00:00

Brown kitchen interior design - kitchen decoration

Recently, using dark colours to decorate your kitchen has become very modern. However, there still are people who don’t approve them under the assumption that , if not else, they will turn your kitchen into gloomy place.black kitchen design green backsplash Here are some reasons why using dark colours to decorate your kitchen might just be the right thing to do.black modern minimalistic kitchen - art kitchen decoration

As you spend a lot of time in your kitchen you probably want it to be special.modern kitchen Dark furniture can give the impression of order and make your kitchen and kitchen decoration look spacious and neat. Using dark colours can also create a very useful look of the place – as if everything is in the right place.

Black sleek Green wall kitchen decoration idea

It is, also, good to know that using dark colours isn’t a sign of lack of immagination. It is right the opposite – the combinations between dark and light colours can make your kitchen look extravagant and futuristic or even old-fashioned, if this is your wish.

What is important is that whatever look you choose for your kitchen decoration, the dark colours can be used to emphasize on it and will sure make it classy and noticeable. Should it be the colour of the walls or some furniture? You decide, but anyhow you should consider the dark colours.

Modern minimalist grey kitchen with green motives

Dark kitchen decoration – interior design with contrasting furniture

Stylish and spacious kitchen design combined with wooden table

Minimalist kitchen with contrasting design

Vintage kitchen with Asian decor

Stylish kitchen decoration with dark cabinets and white walls

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First of all, sort through your stuff. That wasn't neccessary at my house because we just did a cross-country move a couple years ago and haven't really accumulated all that much. I mostly had clutter to deal with, especially in the kitchen, office, and bedroom. Lots of books, papers, magazines, photos, and a lot of body/hair/skin products as well.
Overall organizing:
First we went around the house and put everything in the room that it belonged in. No more office papers in the bedroom, no more magazines in the kitchen, etc.
Then we went to Target and Michael's

UGH! Venue!!!

I am so frustrated!! I need a reasonably priced venue that is rain (Oregon rain) safe for May, September or October. I have toured three. I found a great country church that is really cute but they have a very small reception area. Too small.
They coordinate with grange down the road. I was dissapointed in it. It's just a large room with what I call school tile floors. The kitchen would work. There is no view. The yard is basicly a field that is lumpy and bumpy. Miss_Debra is looking at this venue also. The bathroom is in the basement and it is not fancy to say the least

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  • Avatar yohiness212 What kitchen themes and/or colors should I use?
    Apr 03, 2007 by yohiness212 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm trying to get ideas for my kitchen decor/theme. I think my colors are quite odd....I have laminate grayish countertops with white cabinets. The tile floor is marble-like with the same gray color of the counters and …ter. The living room is painted that same light pale yellow. (Living room furniture=tan and cherrywood furniture). I don't want to replace the countertops right now. I'm open to all suggestions...except country themes.

    • You can use the Rooster collection, or the cherry/apple collection -- the Rooster collection uses the shades gray to black with reds and yellows that seem would accent all ofyour colors. The apple motif will enhance the y …ake the kitchen a great place to congregate and colorful.

      I hope these ideas help. go to --kitchen and entertaining department and check out the Chanticleer plates -- these are the colors I am speaking of.