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Help me find old-house decorating ideas  December 27, 2013 – 12:05 am

I haven't moved in yet, but I've been searching the web for inspirational photos of old homes with dark woodwork paired with modern furnishings. I'd love our house to be eclectic— a mix of modern / industrial paired with the traditional elements that are already part of the 1899 house. Trouble is, on most of the decorating sites I've looked at, all the trim has been painted white. It's actually sort of challenging to find examples of dark wood plus modern style.

CB2's little Mix in Modern slideshow is a great example. Check it out! An image is above.

Have you guys seen inspiring photos online? I started a Pinterest board for old house ideas, and I wish I could open it so everyone could add pins. That's not possible as far as I can tell; I'd have to invite you all one by one using your email addresses. Besides not having them, it would take a gazillion years to enter them all.

So if you come across any nice photos, could you share them? Either:
1) Paste the link in a comment here. I'll pin them to the Old House Ideas board.
2) Tag your finds on Pinterest with hashtag #oldhouseideas in the image description.

Maybe other folks have the same type of home and can benefit from some inspiration, too. Thanks!

Source: howaboutorange.blogspot.com

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Decorating ideas!

A friend of mine is moving into a new house with white walls, and is trying to think of color schemes. Her couches are olive colored, what color schemes could you see working well with that? I think she will put a light chocolate on the walls. She is also decorating a connected kitchen, but wants a different color scheme, albeit complimentary. Ideas, please? Go!

OT: ideas for Gingerbread houses

So I am hosting a family gingerbread house decorating contest. There will be teams (mix of adults and kids) and I wanted to give out fake awards at the end--silly ones. Any other ideas?, here's some ideas I had so far:
Most Likely to be Chosen as a Contestant on “Extreme Makeover, Home Edition”
Most Likely to Rot Your Teeth Out
Didn’t Get Chosen for the Cover of “Home and Garden”
Even the Seven Dwarves Refused to Live Here
Condemned by the County Health Department for Unsafe Living Conditions

Picture Frame decorating ideas?

I bought some unfinished frames from Ikea that I would like to give away as christmas gifts to my parents and future inlaws with a picture of me, my fiance, and our dog. My issue? I can't decide how to decorate the frames! My parents and my future inlaws have a very different style...my mother likes "country" style (sunflowers, bears, decorative wall finishes, quilts, etc.) and my future inlaws have pretty simple tastes (their house is entirely white walls, clean lines, no frills).
I'd rather not spend a fortune buying tons of different things to finish these frames off with (thinking now I should have just bought different frames to suit their styles!!)

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