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6 DIY Decorating Ideas Using Items You Already Have  September 19, 2013 – 06:35 am

Decorating on a budget? Why not use repurposed items already in your home? You can easily create your own home decor by reusing or restoring items from around the house. Here are six DIY decorating ideas to get you started.

Repurpose Your Cushions


Image via Wikimedia Commons by Shiftchange

If you have furniture that’s in good condition but could use new covers, why not create your own? You can make slip covers from old drapes, sheets, or large towels. You may have to sew a few pieces of fabric together to make them fit, but you can easily recover your cushions yourself.

Re-stain Your Old Furniture

If the furniture itself needs some TLC, you can easily fix the hardware, too. Give wood furniture a new look by staining it. If you have several mismatched pieces, staining them the same color will give you a brand new set. Take a look around your home and see what furniture pieces would look best in each room, and then add a coat of stain to make new matched sets.

Use Old Sheets to Make DIY Window Coverings

Who says drapes are the only fabric that can cover your windows? If you have old sheets or blankets that you can repurpose, you can hang those on a fancy curtain rod for easy-to-make window coverings. If you choose fabrics that are thin, add some roman shades from The Shade Store for extra privacy and to keep the light out in the mornings.

Change Out Covers to Repurpose Lamps

Lamps can also be repurposed by changing out the covers. You don’t have to buy new shades. If you have old blankets lying around that you don’t use, you can wrap your shades in the fabric, and attach using fabric glue. If you want to change the color of the lamps, a can of spray paint is all you need. Repurpose your old lamps to add new life to them and update any room of your house.

Use Fabrics for DIY Throw Pillows

Sometimes all your couch needs to look updated are new throw pillows. You can cover your current pillows with fabric lying around your home, or create new ones by sewing the same fabric pieces into simple squares, and stuffing them. Make as many as you need for your couches, chairs, and even beds.

Other Ways to Accessorize

Many objects lying around your home can be repurposed to accessorize your house. Melt old candles together to make one or two new ones. Frame leftover fabric, dried flowers, ribbons, or even leftover wrapping paper to make a decorative wall hanging. Cover empty glass and plastic bottles with fabric to make decorative vases. Smaller glass bottles can be used to hold spices in your kitchen. There are endless accessories you can make from leftover materials if you just get creative.

As you can see, it’s easy to repurpose items around your house to help redecorate. You don’t have to have a master’s degree in interior design to update your home using items you already own. With a little creativity, you can create these six DIY projects, plus many others. Have fun!

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Helpful DIY site

This is pretty old so some of the links don't work anymore, but I found this so helpful. There's a lot of ideas for the couple that are doing a lot of their own setup, decorating, even catering. It makes the idea of Budget and DIY accessible. Thought some of you would appreciate it.

DIY Picnic Pavillion Wedding- Decorating Tips?

Hello! Getting married 5/17/09. Me and my fiance are pretty poor and for various reasons we can't get money from our parents. We decided to have a small wedding with about 15 people at a local state park, and rented a picnic pavilion ($85, woo!). We're going to get a 'self uniting license' (we live in PA) and order some not horribly expensive food (we are thinking of getting a big hoagie from this local awesome deli, or maybe some catering trays from the local awesome greek place)
So any tips on how to decorate the pavilion? We are going to get some kind of table clothes for the picnic tables, but that's all our ideas so far

We had a wonderful mostly DIY wedding!

Hi all. My daughter was married just the past Friday (9/10/10). We're still recovering!
We DIY'd the majority of this wedding. The RSVP list was approx 55 people, but they didn't all show up. We did not really keep good records of how much we spent, but I would say it ended up costing less than $4000. There were items we could have cut back on, but in the end my daughter had the wedding she wanted.
There are so many great ideas on the Internet for anyone who wants to DIY, but you do have to be realistic about your time and you do need friends/family who are willing to help

Some DIY help more to come

Some ideas,
Order some tulle online enough for decorating and some extra to do the favors,
what we did was simple took a bit of assembly but was really inexpensive,
all you need is a small square of tulle in whatever color you want to use, some ribbon ( i used the 3 for $1 rolls at michaels) some plastic spoons (can get a bag of clear ones at dollar tree) and hershey kisses.
you put 2 kisses in the spoon wrap with tulle and tie with ribbon and attach a small card with the ribbon that says
with lots of love and a spoonful of kisses
(insert your names) are now mr and mrs

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  • Avatar littlecc38 I'm not a good decorator, how can i fix my home up i need ideas on choosing paint colors decorating ideas.
    Jun 09, 2006 by littlecc38 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I need some ideas on how to choose paint colors and decorating ideas i have noooo talent about this at all. my kitchen cabinets are lite in color and the floor has greenish brownish red colors in it

    • If you want to stay with the kitchen floor I would work with those colors, but don't use the exact colors but lighter shades of them. Though you could paint red with a brownish/green trim. Or put a new flooring in and sta …e just so much you can do depending on how big your kitchen is and if it opens to the living-room to blend the colors with it. . . . . . . if you have the money you can hire someone to help, do the work, and/or advise you

  • Avatar Shan Is there a website that gives ideas of do it yourself home decorations?
    Apr 30, 2008 by Shan | Posted in Do It Yourself (DIY)

    I'm looking for inexpensive decorating ideas for my living room, bedrooms, kitchen & bathroom. I wanted some easy to do/make ideas. Also my kitchen theme is Guiness and I was looking into buying some old fashioned Guiness stuff. Anyone ever see a website with stuff like this?

    • An inexpensive tile mural that will be the focal point of your kitchen

      If you have a Guiness print , it can be transfered to create a tile mural

      image on tiles