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French Country Decorating Ideas for a Living Room  October 17, 2013 – 09:39 pm

Vintage French Country Design Ideas February 14th, 2013 by admin Vintage French Country Design Ideas

Among many countries in Europe, France is the most inspiring when it comes in home decor. French country decorating ideas makes a home feel and look like a cottage in the country. This decor is adorable as it combines nature, country, and elegance thus result in one decorative style. Commonly this decor is applied in a living room although it is also feasible for other rooms. Do you want to decorate your living room in this style?Family Room Ideas with Country France Equipment There are things to pay attention when decorating a French country home such as the colors, furniture, and drapes. The wall color, for example, must come in subtle color to radiate the French country and to match with other colors in the room.

Color choice is one of the most prominent French country decorating ideas. Typically, this decor has two primary colors. It can be yellow and red or yellow and blue with the yellow ones become the major color if the living room. As it is the main color, it is often found in some drapes, furniture, and the walls.French Country Decorating Ideas for Home Red or blue has a function as the secondary or accent color. Therefore, any items with this color accent can be placed throughout the living room with limited amount.

Family Room Ideas with Country France Equipment

French Country Decorating Ideas for Home

French decorating ideas also include the use of decorative items to enhance the look of French country living room. French country decorating ideas include the use of birdcage and blue plates. Old birdcage can create a country feel and look in a living room.Country Living Room Concept in Paris It is even better if the birdcage gas a gold color. To get this look, just spray gold to your old and rusted birdcage. It is perfect to place it on the fireplace mantel. Blue plates can also add the country feeling. Display a variety of blue plates in different sizes in your living room. It can be an interesting focal point of the room if the plates are well arranged.

Any types of furniture can be used for the country decorating design. What you need is just to learn how to arrange the furnishings. Create a conversation area in the living room by placing the chairs of love seats face each other with a table in the middle. Choose the ones which are made of wicker or aged wood. As drapes are one of the important elements of French country decorating ideas, do not forget to hang red, gold, blue, or yellow drapes from the ceiling to floor.

Country Living Room Concept in Paris

Elegant Living Room with Classic Country French Furniture

Elegant Living Room with Classic Country French Furniture

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Picture Frame decorating ideas?

I bought some unfinished frames from Ikea that I would like to give away as christmas gifts to my parents and future inlaws with a picture of me, my fiance, and our dog. My issue? I can't decide how to decorate the frames! My parents and my future inlaws have a very different style...my mother likes "country" style (sunflowers, bears, decorative wall finishes, quilts, etc.) and my future inlaws have pretty simple tastes (their house is entirely white walls, clean lines, no frills).
I'd rather not spend a fortune buying tons of different things to finish these frames off with (thinking now I should have just bought different frames to suit their styles!!)

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