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Beach Decor kitchen Ideas

Kitchen Picture Ideas: Beach Kitchen Ideas  June 27, 2013 – 00:00

Beachy,coastal kitchen elements and ideas - MyHomeIdeas.com The largest collection of interior design and decorating ideas on the Internet,including kitchens and bathrooms. Over 400, 000 inspiring photos and 90, 000 idea books

Kitchen & Bath Design - Newport Beach,CA

Gary White,CID,CKD,CBD of Kitchen and Bath Designs,with showroom in Newport Beach California,is a creative designer who has been extensively published. Custom

Beachy,coastal kitchen elements and ideas - MyHomeIdeas.com

Be inspired to design your dream kitchen with decorating ideas from photo galleries,remodeling tips,guides to appliances,countertops,cabinets,and more.

Beach Kitchen Budget Makeover (after photo)

Get ideas for your own great kitchen with design tips from some of the West's best new kitchens and kitchen remodels.

Beach theme kitchen ideas | Amazing Decoration | Interior Design

About Architecture and Interior Design Ideas. Inspirations for your ideal Home.Beach Theme Decorating: Kitchen,Living Room & Bathroom Decor Living rooms,Bedrooms,Bathrooms,Kitchen Designs and Many More.

Beach Cottage Style on Fire Island - Country Decor,Craft Ideas

Get easy budget-friendly ideas for beach-style decor at Country Living.In the kitchen,Alex Bates paired contemporary West Elm chairs with a weathered

A Relaxing Georgia Beach House - Home Decorating Ideas,Kitchen

Tour designer Jim Howard's casual beach house,featuring a Nantucket-style kitchen,a spa-like bathroom,and a curvy,open balustrade.

Beach Theme Decorating: Kitchen,Living Room & Bathroom Decor

A beach theme is one of the most classical designs available. As any designer would do,a blankcom offers so many unique products to decorate the kitchen with a beach

Beach theme kitchen ideas | Amazing Decoration | Interior Design

Source: kitchenpictureideas.blogspot.com

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Any ideas for this ugly bathroom?...

Hello everyone!
Ive read some pretty good ideas on this forum in the past and thought I could use your help with my bathroom. I hate it. The tiles are a sandy-beige color with a black trim. The walls are white. Theres a light fixture missing. Oy!
I added some pictures below. Please keep in mind my apartment is a rental (so I can't tear apart). And even though there is a no paint policy, Im willing to paint the walls and paint it back whenever I move out.
What am I looking for? Nothing specifically. I guess you can say simple and clean is how the rest of my apartment is

What shape/size mirror for bathroom?

This bathroom has the original 50s tile, which I like, but the mirror is really icky and has got to go. I want a smaller mirror, but don't want something ultra modern that will clash with the rest of the bathroom.
Also, there is one sink, so two side by side smaller mirrors would be weird, right? Yet just one small mirror over the sink only would be weird. And one centered mirror would seem off balance, too... right?
Thanks for ideas and suggestions.
P.S. I'll deal with the light fixtures later.

Argh! Stuck on color ideas for bathroom remodel

Argh, after years of living with white walls and neutrals in apartments, I'm second-guessing myself on color/material choices for a small bathroom in my condo. (have all these months of HGTV-watching been for naught??)
Here's what I have currently in my bathroom, from the prior condo owners:
--sort of a sponged-rustic terra cotta looking floor tile; large dark brown single-sink cabinet... brown detail? Or how would a gold with rust/terra cotta accents look?
--what to do with the walls -paper or paint? and what color? (I actually liked the paper before we started introducing more colors AND before my 2 cats started scratching up the wallpaper when they were younger)
--what color tile or glass to use for the bathtub surround?
The bathroom is small and has no windows

Some ideas....

Send the kids to a friend's house (or gma/gpa's house if they are close enough)...
and go on a date...talk, laugh, touch her in the non-sexual ways you used to before you had 3 kids -- tuck her hair behind her ear, wrap your arms around her, kiss her cheek...
Put the kids to bed by yourself, send her to the bathroom for a looong shower or bubble bath and quickly prep an appetizer and her fav drink...cuddle and enjoy her without putting pressure on her for sex. If you want quick and easy recipes or appetizer ideas just lemme know.
The key is to date again...and sex will come naturally.

Top Summer Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Luxury Bath  — DigitalJournal.com
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