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The Brave Little Taylors: Small Kitchen Ideas  December 23, 2013 – 11:42 pm

I wasn't able to get the Camaro in today,but I was able to pull out my dusty bike and give it a whirl. The tires still miraculously had air,but our first voyage of the season was a bit rough on both of us. The bike seat kept falling down,and my legs kept falling down,too. The ride up to campus from my apartment is mainly flat at the beginning,but it slowly progresses into a slight hill that is deceivingly malicious. Regardless,I made it to campus,and I feel nice and healthy. I'm going to try and take my bike to school a couple times a week to sneak in some exercise,and to make me feel less guilty when I eat 3 of these snickerdoodles in one sitting. Seriously,this cookie scooper has been a blessing and curse because I can make these cookies in about 20 minutes,start to finish.Gracious,it's bad. I had to lock up my bike in my office at the Maxwell because I didn't have a bike lock (not giving those thieves another shot at my bike. No sir!),which allowed me to take a leisurely 45-minute walk home. I really enjoyed it! I think I'll try walking more often,too!

Today was my first day of summer term,a.k.a. the first day of my last term in college! Hoo boy! That feels great to say! I've got 2 classes to take this term: Shakespeare and Technical Writing. I'm a huge Shakespeare fan,and my teacher is so energetic and talks just as fast as I do,so I think we're going to get along just splendidly. Technical Writing,as awful as it may sound to some people,should actually be a lot of fun for me! Technical editing is hopefully going to be my niche,so this should be a perfect opportunity to learn the basics and see if I want to do it on a long-term basis.

We've hit the one-week mark since Aaron left. All I can say is I'm grateful for busy days,wonderful technology that allows me to gmail chat with him all day and talk to him on the phone at night,and friends keeping in contact and making plans with me throughout the week. It's definitely not fun to be apart,but we're doing our best to make it work and trying to excel at our different tasks.

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  • Avatar yohiness212 What kitchen themes and/or colors should I use?
    Apr 03, 2007 by yohiness212 | Posted in Decorating & Remodeling

    I'm trying to get ideas for my kitchen decor/theme. I think my colors are quite odd....I have laminate grayish countertops with white cabinets. The tile floor is marble-like with the same gray color of the counters and …ter. The living room is painted that same light pale yellow. (Living room furniture=tan and cherrywood furniture). I don't want to replace the countertops right now. I'm open to all suggestions...except country themes.

    • You can use the Rooster collection, or the cherry/apple collection -- the Rooster collection uses the shades gray to black with reds and yellows that seem would accent all ofyour colors. The apple motif will enhance the y …ake the kitchen a great place to congregate and colorful.

      I hope these ideas help. go to --kitchen and entertaining department and check out the Chanticleer plates -- these are the colors I am speaking of.