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French Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas  August 8, 2013 – 02:07 pm
Kitchen with French Country Style. The graceful mood of a French chateau coupled with pastoral elements makes for some of the most comfortable kitchens. To make this style work, you need to start with the right colors along with the right balance of old and new pieces. Once you figure it out, you’ll have a kitchen that is as chic as it is relaxing.

Decoration Design for Nice French Country Kitchen

Choose soft colors for your kitchen palette; that’s the first step of decorating French country kitchen. You can decorate with any color on the color wheel as long as you keep it muted or whitewashed.Decoration Design for Nice French Country Kitchen A good way to think of colors in this sense is sun-bleached. Put a whitewashed green color on your walls for energy or a pale blue for a cool tone. Yellows and reds are warm and with subdued shades, they generate a welcoming aspect to your kitchen.

French Country Decor for Extravagant Kitchen

Decorate with fabric that brings texture to your kitchen. Linens, toile and paisley prints offer something different in that they look and feel different. A linen table runner draped over a curtain rod and linen placemats add charm with very little effort. Toile gives your kitchen another look entirely, with an emphasis on color. Cover barstools and seat cushions with fabric to add interest throughout the room.French Country Decor Idea for Kitchen

French Country Decor Idea for Kitchen

Select a mix of modern and antique or reproduction furnishings is the next step of French country kitchen decorating ideas. Go shopping to antique malls and bazaars for items that are distinctive and will add to your style. An odd assortment of barstools or dining room chairs is pleasing. Look for candlesticks, bowls, decanters and canisters that create a one-of-a-kind kitchen.French Country Kitchen Decorating Set

French Country Kitchen Decorating Set

Decorate your walls with pieces that add interest. Wrought iron adds contrast to French Country kitchens. Hang pictures of rural French provincial scenes. Another option for pictures is animals, such as the rooster, or fruit. Sconces and chandeliers put the rustic in this style. Antique plates, cookware and clocks also enhance this look.

French Country Decor for Extravagant Kitchen

Source: www.kitcheninstallation.org

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First of all, sort through your stuff. That wasn't neccessary at my house because we just did a cross-country move a couple years ago and haven't really accumulated all that much. I mostly had clutter to deal with, especially in the kitchen, office, and bedroom. Lots of books, papers, magazines, photos, and a lot of body/hair/skin products as well.
Overall organizing:
First we went around the house and put everything in the room that it belonged in. No more office papers in the bedroom, no more magazines in the kitchen, etc.
Then we went to Target and Michael's

Thanks. I do appreciate all the input from every

I love the country, shabby look and the rest of my decor is very cottage/beach like... as we live in southern california near the beach, it has rubbed off on me.
The kitchen is the first thing to update other than the kid's room.
The rest of this small room/living/kitchen/dining is very basic, beige walls white molding
white couch... white rustic table with black rustic chairs a collage of blue, black and white frames.
An old rustic computer cabinet and little vintage side tables.
As much as I want a cottage look, I think I will keep the cabinets as basic as possible, because who ever rents or buys may not like my ideas as much

UGH! Venue!!!

I am so frustrated!! I need a reasonably priced venue that is rain (Oregon rain) safe for May, September or October. I have toured three. I found a great country church that is really cute but they have a very small reception area. Too small.
They coordinate with grange down the road. I was dissapointed in it. It's just a large room with what I call school tile floors. The kitchen would work. There is no view. The yard is basicly a field that is lumpy and bumpy. Miss_Debra is looking at this venue also. The bathroom is in the basement and it is not fancy to say the least

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