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Christmas Kitchen Ornaments

Ornaments to make from juice can lids -- a cool craft for Christmas in July!  November 20, 2013 – 10:38 am

I don't know about you, but in our household we go through quite a few cans of frozen lemonade in the summer. We make a gallon or more of raspberry lemonade (which uses 4 Raspberry ZingerĀ® tea bags and the water you steep them in, 12 ounces of pink lemonade concentrate, 1/2 cup sugar, and water to fill a gallon jug) every week. That means I have a stack of metal lids saved from the juice cans. (Of course I don't have to save them, but they always seem full of possibilities to me.)

Some time ago I made quite a few simple ornaments (like the blue one above) using these lids and scraps of wrapping paper. If you are interested in making some of these (they are easy enough for kids to help with), here is the link:
Simple Ornaments from Juice Can Lids.

Today I came upon this link to absolutely beautiful photo ornaments which, believe it or not, are also made from the metal lids from juice cans.

Here's the link: Photo Ornaments from Juice Can Lids. They are a little more complicated than the simple ones I've made in the past, but I love the photo idea and also the thought of journaling a little something about the person or the year on the back of the ornament. This gives the ornaments more of an heirloom quality. I think these are delightful and I will definitely be making some with my stack of pink lemonade lids.

Have fun with these ideas!

Source: mychristmaskitchen.blogspot.com

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Hello hippymoma--jack--

He shure is smart -my little devil broke 3 ornaments right off the tree --smacked them right off with that little foot of hers had to put her in the kitchen--other than that- i stayed home with my dogs and lurked on d&d all day and watch TV or went to bed-was to depressed to even go on d&d to wish everyone a merry christmas --i feel better to day friends on D&D were very good to me today-- it helped a lot -i felt i was not worth the time of day earlier -- thanks for asking --hugs your way

Have you visited to see what kind of things she

Might need?
The possibilities are almost endless;
* Christmas ornaments
* a welcome mat
* new towels to match her new bathroom
* a throw rug for the kitchen
* silly refrigerator magnets
* a piece of new cookware (skillet, pot, pan, casserole dish)
* art (as long as you know her well and know her tastes- art is very personal so don't attempt this as a gift...t)
* paper towels, Windex, Tilex, scrubby sponges, Carpet Fresh and other cleaning supplies (sounds boring but as a starving kid trying to make ends meet and pay my rent, this kind of gift would've been greatly appreciated!)
* an appliance of some sort (like a vaccume, microwave, or an iron.)
It kind of depends on how well you know this person and what your relationship to her is.

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