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Trends in Kitchen Colors | Interior and Exterior Painting Tips  October 7, 2013 – 04:49 pm

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The kitchen plays an important role in the house so when it is the object of an interior painting project, it deserves much consideration. The kitchen is the hub or central gathering place of the home and it can handle more vibrant colors. Choosing the colors for interior painting in today’s kitchen is a very important matter since socialization as well as healthy appetites need to be encouraged. Colors used for interior painting projects can really help create the mood in any room; but it is particularly important in the kitchen. There are a few main colors that keep showing up in the color schemes of today’s kitchen. Here are a few worth consideration.

Bold is Beautiful

Most of the kitchen appliances today are black, sliver or classic white. For this reason the color palette for interior painting in the kitchen is wide open and many homeowners in Washington, D.C. are choosing to incorporate bold splashes of color in the kitchen. Bold colors work very well for interior painting in the kitchen since as a general rule there is very little wall space. This allows for bold colors like orange or fire engine red or even some hot pinks to be used in the kitchen areas today. Stainless steel appliances and dark colored cabinets set the stage for colors such as copper, henna or ginger. And in today’s kitchen, it is also popular to use multiple colors since some consider a kitchen that only has one color to be rather flat or boring. The kitchen is getting more exciting each day.

Subtle but Not Boring Colors

Just because it is in style to add color to the kitchen’s décor does not mean it all has to be bold colors. Subtle colors are also very popular for interior painting in today’s kitchen. These muted hues can be used in some creative combinations and still help create an atmosphere that is conducive to both food and comfort. Some of the more subtle color choices today include apricots, reds and yellows. Certain shades are comforting to most people and are also very good colors for stimulating the appetite. The factors that keep these types of colors popular year after year are that they are being put together in some very fresh and inventive ways. One example of this is one color trend for the kitchen is to maintain the classic rustic green but now we are seeing cool pinks used with it to add a new spin on this traditionally rustic design.

Nature’s Colors are Kitchen Bound

One of the recent trends in kitchen colors has incorporated the use of colors found in nature. These lean more toward neutrals shades such as browns and greens but there are also more relaxing hues like gray-green or sliver blues that are cropping up in today’s kitchen designs. Once these colors are used in the interior painting in the area, various textures from nature are mixed into the décor to provide an added touch. They also help add some depth as well as visual interest. Grass cloth is an example of one of the latest textures used to compliment the interior colors in the kitchen. Varying shades of brown are used frequently in today’s kitchens since it helps provide an earthy feel which helps many connect with nature which is where much of our food comes from. Yellows remind us of the sun and that can have a warming effect and help remind us of a traditionally classic kitchen. There are several different shades of yellow which are current trends.

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Having a hard time with kitchen colors

I picked out a very, very pale blue and then a really nice orangish color. The pale blue looks grey and kinda dull because it just has the hint of blue, however, it does make the room look bigger and it does pick up on the greyish/blue in the granite (at least I think it will). (There is also a clay/orange/pink color in the granite.)
Although it has a large window, the kitchen is rather dark because the area it faces is heavily shaded.
The blah-ness of the blue is kinda bothering me, but I can't decide if:
A. I should just let it be and see how it looks with the granite

Super handyman: Keep your cool this summer  — Chicago Daily Herald
It goes really well with the dining room and kitchen colors. I have found a couple of drips on the wood floors and I was trying to figure out how to get it off without taking the finish off the floor, too.

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