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Ideas for Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Organization  November 5, 2013 – 05:05 am

One of the easiest ways to improve the functionality and style of your kitchen is to add more storage options. Whether you need to optimize a small kitchen or you want to add more character to your kitchen with some unique pieces, there are many great creative ways to complete this project.

On Door Storage

Adding storage to your kitchen cabinet doors doesn’t have to look sloppy or added-on. There are many door mount styles of storage that offer you a chance to organize your kitchen in a fun way. Organizing your spices or using a door mounted rack for your pantry are great simple ways to add some character to your kitchen. One of your higher cabinet doors can have a spice rack mounted in the door. No more rummaging for spices or the ones that get pushed to the back. Conversely, use your newly mounted spice rack to hold your wine and shot glasses! Orderly and organized, they’ll stay safe from falling or getting pushed around on the shelves.

Instead of losing precious shelf space to piled up cutting boards, you can install a door mounted cutting board holder. These holders come in natural wood models to match with your cabinets. You won’t have to deal with clattering cooking sheets and pans when looking for a cutting board with them stored nicely on your kitchen cabinet door.

Drawer Inserts

Drawer organization doesn’t have to be boring or plain. There are various styles you can use in your drawers, depending on your needs. Instead of a traditional white drawer insert for your cutlery, consider a natural wood insert. Choose an insert that matches the wood or coloring of your kitchen or adds a nice aesthetic flow. However, if you’d like easy access to your spice rack, why not create a spice drawer! Spice drawer inserts come in several different styles with elevated panels to display your spices. Of course, if you want to take your drawer’s interior design into your own hands, get a drawer peg board. That way you can choose where the lines and barriers need to be for whatever you want to store in your drawers.

Specialty Storage

The sky’s the limit when you want to add creative storage to your kitchen.

Source: blog.cshardware.com

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Food Staple ideas for pantry

I am looking for ideas to stock my kitchen,
and pantry.
I would like healthy, easy, convenient foods.
Here are some I thought of:
canned chillie
canned beans (all kinds)
brown rice (45 minutes to cook)
Frozen veggies
Frozen fruts
I also get fresh fruit, but just in small amounts.

Where to compost kitchen scraps for apt dwellers

I have gardened all my life, organic, just seems wrong to put kitchen scraps in the landfill after composting all those years. i am in an apt, i hope temporarily, meanwhile can't find a place to put my kitchen scraps for returning to the earth as they rightfully should. the city's composting line was a dead-end, as was the community garden office. any ideas? there's no room for one of those plastic composting barrels and i don't think the landlord would go for it, just parking spaces and no green space.

Kitchen pantry ideas for teens?

Since we are on the topic of foods & older kids...
I have two super skinny boys, 10 & 12, who will go hungry before fixing themselves anything more complicated than a bowl of cereal or some frozen waffles. They will eat fruit and we always have plenty of that.
I'd like to stock up on simple but not junky things they can fix themselves.

Recipe ideas for my oats?

So i recently discovered steel-cut oats and i want to make them the staple carbs of my diet.
So i'm looking for creative ways to incorporate them into all meals throughout the day (not just breakfast).
Only thing i've tried so far is mixing w/ grilled chicken and some frozen veggies w/ a touch of bbq sauce. it was pretty good, but i need other ideas, as i'm not exactly a "natural" in the kitchen.

Baume & Brix to close on Saturday  — Chicago Tribune
Bowman and Roche led one of the most creative kitchens in the city -- I'm already missing the "fun dip" octopus appetizer, and the sous-vide duck breast that was comfort-food heaven -- but it wasn't enough to sustain the restaurant. What's next for Bowman?

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